(Current Affairs) International Events | January 2011

International Events January 2011

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  • Strains in Egypt-Iran ties affect Gaza aid
  • Egypt church blast kills 21
  • Dilma Rousseff takes charge in Brazil
  • Asian aid convoy arrives in Gaza
  • Governor of Pakistan's Punjab gunned down
  • South Sudan set for referendum
  • Ivory Coast rivals agree to meet: AU envoy
  • Mystery over bird deaths
  • Chavez proposes envoy names to U.S.
  • China records a milestone in offshore oil, gas output
  • Sudan vote sparks Africa balkanisation fears
  • Clashes disrupt voting in south Sudan oil state
  • ETA offer of ceasefire not sufficient: Spain
  • Russia, U.S. enact nuclear pact
  • Tajikistan cedes 1,000 sq km to China
  • Lebanese government falls
  • Tunisia's government dismissed
  • Rosneft, BP sign pact
  • South Sudan votes for secession
  • 2010 tied for warmest year on record
  • Slew of U.S.-China commercial deals inked
  • Istanbul talks in “positive atmosphere”
  • Maoists hand over PLA to panel
  • Papers throw light on West Asia negotiations
  • Mubarak faces calls to quit
  • Medvedev signs New Start

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