(Content) Indian Economy By Ramesh Singh

Indian Economy By Ramesh Singh

Table of Contents

  •  Introduction.
  • Growth, Development and Happiness
  •  Evolution of the Indian Economy
  • Economic Planning
  •  Planning in India
  •  Economic Reforms
  •  Inflation and Business Cycle
  •  Indian Agriculture
  •  Indian Industry and Infrastructure
  •  India and the Global Economy
  •  Indian Financial Market
  •  Banking in India
  •  Insurance in India
  •  Security Market in India
  •  External Sector of India
  •  International Economic Organisations and India
  •  Tax Structure in India
  • . Public Finance in India
  •  The Technology - Environment Dilemma
  •  Sustainability and Climate Change - India and the World
  •  Preparing for the Dividend Demographic
  •  Human Development in India
  • . Economic Concepts and Terminologies
  •  Selected MCQ's (Economic and Social Development)
  •  Model Answers to Selected Questions

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