(Paper) SBI Bank Clerk Model Paper 2008 (General English)

PAPER : SBI Bank Clerk Model Paper 2008 (General English)

Directions (Question 1 to 10) Read the list of words given below and choose from the options the word that is the nearest in meaning to the given word.

1. Exiguous
a) tall
b) large
c) wide
d) scanty
e) broad
2. Recreancy
a) recreation
b) recuperation
c) bravery
d) cowardice
e) obstinate
3. Proscribe
a) to nominate
b) to be supportive of
c) to give early warning signals
d) outlaw
e) none of these
4. Ingest
a) enrage
b) invigorate
c) to absorb
d) burn up completely
e) to stir up
5. Monticule
a) a small river
b) a small hut
c) a lane
d) a small hill
e) a small plane
6. Compendious
a) comprehensive
b) illustrative
c) unbearable
d) elaborate
e) none of the above
7. Nadir
a) asylum
b) heaven
c) depth
d) nebulous
e) none of the above
8. Somnambulistic
a) sleepwalking
b) ghost dancing
c) women’s group activity
d) colourful scenario
e) over-eating
9. primordial
a) feeling of elation
b) original
c) elementary
d) daunting
e) none of the above
10. Somber
a) Causing sleep
b) Squalid
c) Gloomy
d) Complacent
e) Malicious

Directions (Question 11 to 20) Against each key word are given by alternative meanings. Choose the one that is the opposite in meaning to the given word.
11. Sanctimonious
a) holy
b) Realistic
c) Humble
d) Callous
e) Pessimistic
12. Munificent
a) Miserly
b) Faulty
c) Perplexing
d) Rudimentary
e) Grandiose
13. Opaque
a) Vague
b) Firm
c) Transparent
d) Poor
e) None of the above
14. Restive
a) Unrestrained
b) Communicate
c) Peaceful
d) Quarrel
e) Disturbing
15. Catapult
a) Reach great heights
b) Downfall
c) Caterpillar
d) Gaining
e) Losing
16. Enigmatic
a) Industrious
b) Mysterious
c) Enthusiastic
d) Straightforward
e) Sincere
17. Traipse
a) Walk
b) Stroll
c) Crawl
d) Run
e) None of the above
18. Piquant
a) Jovial
b) Merry
c) Blunt
d) Rigorous
e) Shocking
19. Bigoted
a) Dignified
b) Tolerant
c) wide
d) Contrite
e) Sincere
20. Obliquity
a) Thin
b) Frank
c) Self-righteous
d) Depreciation
e) Conformity

Directions (Question 21 to 25) In each of the following questions, a part of the sentence is given in bold letters. Five alternative meanings of the bold part of the sentence are given below. Choose the correct one.

21. The soldiers had been shut up for a long time; they painted the town red when they were let out.
a) ran about wildly trying to kill people
b) decided to shun fighting and shedding blood
c) caused disturbance in the town by noisy merry-making
d) were asked to be ready for any emergency
e) were advised not to incur troubles by thoughtless actions.

22. John used very ugly words against his kind uncle; he threw down the gauntlet before him.
a) he behaved as if he was a very great and important person
b) he put several conditions for negotiations
c) he abused and insulted uncle’s son
d) he showed his readiness to leave the place
e) he threw the challenge

23. He is a strange fellow and it is very difficult to deal with him; it seems that he has a bee in his bonnet.
a) an obsession about something
b) peculiar habit of confusing others
c) unreliable and inconsistent way of behaving
d) to face problems as a result of his senseless actions
e) an achievement to be proud of

24. I am reasonably sure that all his schemes will end in smoke.
a) will produce good results
b) bear no fruits
c) benefit the poor and the downtrodden
d) motivate the employees to produce more
e) be severely criticized by the public

25. The dacoits took to their heels when the police arrived.
a) took shelter in the thick jungle
b) opened indiscriminate fire
c) took to flight
d) unconditionally challenged
e) renewed their resolve to fight

1. scanty
2. cowardice
3. none of the above (proscribe means to prohibit or ban)
4. to absorb
5. a small hill
6. comprehensive
7. depth
8. sleepwalking
9. elementary
10. gloomy
11. callous
12. miserly
13. transparent
14. peaceful
15. downfall
16. straightforward
17. crawl
18. jovial
19. dignified
20. conformity
21. caused disturbance in the town by noisy merry-making
22. he threw the challenge
23. an obsession about something
24. bear no fruits
25. took to flight