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(BLOG) IFS now a poor 3rd choice: TOI Study

(BLOG) IFS now a poor 3rd choice: TOI Study

NEW DELHI: It comes as no great surprise that in the all-India civil services examination, the majority of candidates treat the IAS as their first preference.

The IAS had displaced the Indian Foreign Service (IFS) from it’s top position quite a long time ago.

However, what might come as a surprise to many is that in the last three to four years, the IFS seems to have slipped further to third position with the IPS moving up to take second place.

In the 2005 batch, of the 425 selected candidates, 398 indicated IAS as their first preference, a mere 18 chose IFS and just nine chose IPS. But when it came to second preference, 200 candidates had marked IPS as their choice, while only 155 had marked IFS as their second choice.

(TIPS & TRICKS) Tips to improve your performance at the Interview

Tips to improve your performance at the Interview

Normally there are 5 members in the board with the Chairperson seated at the center. Enter confidently and greet the Chairperson (Like Goodmorning etc.) who will probably welcome you, and pleasantly nod at other members.

Wait till you are asked to sit.

Intelligent listing is the mantra to suceed
, and for this maintaining eye contact is very important. You should not glare but all the same appear attentive and do not glance at other members, it can be very distracting for the interviewer. However if some other member asks you anything, look at that member and answer and turn back to the first - this is what we do in normal attentive listening.

(COACHING) Civil Services Counselling @ Excell Career India CHENNAI

Civil services counselling @ CHENNAI

The Excell Career India,Chennai would be offering free counselling for the civil services exam on Sunday.
Scholarships are available.

Contact 98840 71046 or 28, College Road,Chennai for more information.

Mona Pruthi : IAS topper's mantras for success

Mona Pruthi : IAS topper's mantras for success

You are determined to join the prestigious Indian Administrative Services.

(IAS Topper) Mona Pruthi : Only studies not enough

PART (II) IAS topper: Only studies not enough

IAS topper: Only studies not enough

May 16, 2006

You aspire to work in the Indian Civil Services.

(IAS Topper) Mona Pruthi : Confidence clinches this exam

PART (I) IAS topper: Confidence clinches this exam

You plan to give a national level competitive examination -- like the Indian Administrative Services test.

Many of you want to know: what is that secret ingredient for success?

(CHAT Excerpts) Dr.Sumit Seth - 2 Sep 2006 , 1PM

(CHAT Excerpts) Dr.Sumit Seth - 2 Sep 2006 , 1PM

[02/09 07:44] ==== PLEASE WELCOME Dr. Sumit Seth = A Civil Services TOPPER.. =========
[02/09 07:45] hey sir
[02/09 07:45] go ahead dear
[02/09 07:45] ==== TODAY's Topic is GEOGRAPHY and General Queries.=========
[02/09 07:47] *** DrSumitSeth has left the chatbox
[02/09 07:47] can u share your preparation regarding cse
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(INFO) Technical terms in Asia Pacific Human Development Report 2006

Technical terms  in  Asia Pacific  Human Development  Report 2006
           collected  by
Ad valorem duties (tariffs) Is calculated as a
percentage of the value of the dutiable items.
Contrasts with a specific tariff.
Anti-dumping duties May be imposed if
export dumping causes injury to producers of
competing goods in an importing country. The
duties should be equal to the difference between
the export price and the normal value of the
dumped goods.
Balance of trade Refers to the difference
between the value of exports and imports. It is
calculated as the value of exports of goods and
services minus the value of imports of goods
and services.
Balance of payments Records all flows of
money in and out of a given country. These
flows might result from the sale of exports (an
inflow or credit) or from the country's purchase
of imports from overseas (an outflow or debit).
They might also arise from other countries
investing in the country (inward investment – a
credit), or from country's companies investing
abroad (a debit). All flows of money are added
together and grouped according to their type.
The overall account is then called the balance
of payments – principally because the total of
outflows must be equivalent to the total of
inflows. The balance of payments therefore
Blue Box Comprises measures regarded as
exceptions to the general rule that all subsidies
linked to production must be reduced or kept
within defined minimal levels. Covers payments
directly linked to land size or livestock as long
as the activity being supported limits
Common external tariff Refers to a tariff rate
applied by a regional grouping of countries as a
Dumping Occurs when goods are exported at
a price less than their normal value, generally
meaning that they are exported for less than
they are sold in the domestic market or third-country
markets, or at less than cost of
Employment elasticity Is the percentage
change in employment resulting from a one per
cent change in economic growth.
EU Common Agricultural Policy Refers to the
system of European Union agricultural subsidies
that guarantees a minimum price to producers
and pays a subsidy for crops planted.
An export processing zone (EPZ) Eases tax
and labour restrictions. Its primary purpose is
to generate export revenues in poor developing
countries. It is largely identical to a free trade
Extreme poverty Is the most severe state of
poverty, where people have minimal or very
limited access to basic necessities, such as food,
clothing, shelter, education and health care. The
World Bank defines extreme poverty as living
on $1 or less per day, and estimates that 1.1
billion people currently live under these
conditions. Eradication of extreme poverty and
hunger by 2015 is a Millennium Development
Financial liberalization Refers to a series of
regulatory changes that allow foreign investors
to buy domestic assets and allows domestic
citizens to invest in foreign assets which make
the domestic securities market an integral part
of the world market. The process is mainly
defined as a series of regulatory changes that
open up the capital markets to foreign investors
with the introduction of depository receipts,
country funds or equity capital flows to the
emerging economy. 

(NEWS) UPSC candidates to stage protest

UPSC candidates to stage protest

NEW DELHI: Stating that the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) has not fulfilled its promise of putting up the model answer-sheets of the Civil Services (Preliminary) Examination, 2006, on its website, some candidates have decided to stage a protest outside the Commission's office here on Monday.

This past week, the aggrieved candidates had demanded through a Right to Information application that the UPSC come out with model answers of all the subjects in the Preliminary Examinations. Also, they had also asked the Commission to furnish the cut-off marks for each subject and category as well as the scores of the candidates who were not selected.



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(GK) Interesting FACTS

::: Interesting GK FACTS :::

Lightning strikes about 6,000 times per minute on this planet!

-A chameleon's tongue is twice the length of its body.

(TOPPER) Ms. Archana Nair : Civil Service topper among Keralites

The specifics of her success






Archana Nair - Photo: S. Gopakumar


She proved that her decision to quit a multi-national company and prepare for the Civil Services Examination was not wrong. It was determination, hard work and systematic study that enabled Archana Nair to came seventh in the all-India examination and take up her dream career in Indian Foreign Service.

(ARTICLE) FOCUS: CIVIL SERVICES; Achieving the impossible


Achieving the impossible



A carefully thought-out plan and proper guidance can enable a focussed person to clear the tough UPSC examinations.



(MISC) Important Economy Terms (Acronyms)

(MISC) Important Economy Terms Acronyms

FORTAN:(Formula Translator) A high level programming language used mainly to solve scientific and engineering problems

G-77: The Group of 77 (G-77) was established in 1964 by seventy-seven developing countries signatories of the "Joint Declaration of the Seventy-Seven Countries" under the auspices of the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) in Geneva. As the largest Third World coalition in the United Nations, the Group of 77 provides the means for the developing world to articulate and promote its collective economic interests and enhance its joint negotiating capacity on all major international economic issues in the United Nations system. They also strive to promote economic and technical cooperation among developing countries. Although the membership of the G-77 has increased to 135 countries, the original name was retained because of its historic significance.

A forward exchange rate is the exchange rate in contract for receipt of and payment for foreign currency at a specified date usually for 30 days, 90 days or 180 days in the future, at a stipulated current or "spot" price. 

ANDEAN COMMUNITY: The Andean Community (CAN) is a subregional organization endowed with an international legal status, which is made up of Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Venezuela. The main objectives of the Andean Community are to promote the balanced and harmonious development of the member countries under equitable conditions, to boost their growth through integration and economic and social cooperation and to enhance participation in the regional integration process with a view to the progressive formation of a Latin American common market. The Andean Community started operating on August 1, 1997 with a General Secretariat, whose headquarters are in Lima (Peru), as its executive body.
GAME THEORY: An analysis that illustrates how choices between two plays affect the outcome of a "game." Game theory is commonly used in economics to illustrate interdependent decision-making among oligopoly firms. It illustrates that one firm makes a decision based on the decision expected from the other firm. One key conclusion from the game theory analysis is that firms often make decisions that are "second best" or the "lesser of two evils." The classic example of such a decision is the prisoners' dilemma, in which two prisoners both confess to a crime to avoid harsher punishment when not confessing would avoid any punishment.
Environmental accounting refers to: 
- national accounting: physical and monetary accounts of environmental assets and the costs of their depletion and degradation; 
- corporate accounting: the term usually refers to environmental auditing, but may also include the costing of environmental impacts caused by the corporation.

A green ban is a ban imposed on construction in the inner part of a city so as to protect the urban natural environment

A green belt is a zone near a city that is restricted as regards any further extension of urban area. It serves as a buffer separating sources of pollution from the city population

Green GDP is a popular term for environmentally adjusted gross domestic product.

The green revolution is the increase in crop yields based on cultivation of high-response varieties of wheat, rice, maize and millet, and intensive use of fertilizers, pesticides, irrigation and machinery

Ground-level ozone is ozone present as a secondary pollutant in the lower atmosphere, where its formation can be enhanced by other pollutants. It is highly toxic at levels above 0.1 parts per million (p.p.m.).

Incineration is the controlled burning of solid, liquid or gaseous waste materials at high temperatures.

JPEG:Joint Photgraphic Experts Group (a standardised image compression technique

JAVA:A programming language that allows the creation of software packages that can run on multiple platforms (i.e. operating systems). Java programs, called aplets, can be sent or retrieved through the Internet to be executed on a remote computer

KNOWBOT:Intelligent agent gathering information on the Internet; more specific than search engines
changes in the LIBOR rate. Also, interest rate swap rates are quoted in reference to LIBOR; that is, the quoted rate is the fixed-rate side of the swap because the floating-rate side is LIBOR.

The London interbank offered rate for deposits, such as the six-month dollar LIBOR. LIBOR is a reference rate for the international banking markets and is commonly the basis on which lending margins are fixed. Thus, an original loan agreement or a rescheduling agreement may set the interest rate to the borrower at six-month dollar LIBOR plus 1.5 percent, with semiannual adjustments for changes in the LIBOR rate. Also, interest rate swap rates are quoted in reference to LIBOR; that is, the quoted rate is the fixed-rate side of the swap because the floating-rate side is LIBOR.

HYSTERESIS: The notion that the natural rate of unemployment is affected by historical events, especially the onset of a business-cycle contraction. Hysteresis results because unemployed resources are permanently changed, through loss of job skills or seniority, making them less employable when the contraction is over. The labor market itself might be permanently change. The result is a permanent increase in structural and frictional unemployment and a higher natural unemployment rate. Alternatively, a prolonged business-cycle expansion can generate long-term changes that cause a permanent decrease in the natural unemployment rate.
HYPERINFLATION: Exceptionally high inflation rates. While there are no hard and fast guidelines, an annual inflation rate of 20 percent or more is likely to get you the hyperinflation title. Some countries in the past have been quite good at creating hyperinflation. An annual inflation rate of 1,000 percent has not been uncommon. On occasion, the trillion percent inflation rate mark has been achieved. (That is, something with a one dollar price tag in early January would have a one trillion dollar price in late December. We're talking serious hyperinflation.)
Magnet Ink Character Recognition(MICR):The technique used in banking to encode account numbers and check values so they can be automatically debited from accounts

MODULATION:A partial transfer of support from the first (support to agriculture) to the second pillar (support to other rural activities) of the EU Common Agricultural Policy (CAP). With the latest reform of the CAP, modulation was made compulsory, resulting in a gradual reduction of payments directly to farmers with the aim of boosting rural development.

MONEY LAUNDERING:The attempt to conceal or disguise the ownership or source of the proceeds of criminal activity and to integrate them into the legitimate financial systems in such a way that they cannot be distinguished from assets acquired by legitimate means. Typically this involves the conversion of cash-based proceeds into account-based forms of money.

MONICA is a project established by the WHO to provide a cross-sectional and longitudinal comparison of cardiovascular disease (coronary heart disease event registration is obligatory, stroke optional), and to relate these to risk factor changes in the population over a ten year period.

A Pigouvian tax is a tax levied on an agent causing an environmental externality (environmental damage) as an incentive to avert or mitigate such damage.

PIXEL:Acronym for "picture element"; the unit of storage and display in raster mode

POETRY: Processing of Electronic Translation Request

Portfolio investment is the category of international investment that covers investment in equity and debt securities, excluding any such instruments that are classified as direct investment or reserve assets

Poverty Reduction And Growth Facility:An IMF facility known until November 1999 as the Enhanced Structural Adjustment Facility (ESAF). The PRGF is available to those countries that are facing protracted balance of payments problems and are eligible to borrow on concessional terms under the International Development Association (IDA

Purchasing power parities (PPPs) are the rates of currency conversion that equalise the purchasing power of different currencies by eliminating the differences in price levels between countries. In their simplest form, PPPs are simply price relatives which show the ratio of the prices in national currencies of the same good or service in different countries
PRODCOMThe EU-wide harmonised classification of products produced by the industrial sector (directly linked to the external trade commodity classification) specified in Council Regulation No. 3294/91.
PROCAMPO is a programme of direct support to farmers in Mexico. It provides for direct payments per hectare on a historical basis
INFLATIONARY GAP: The difference between the equilibrium real production achieved in the short-run aggregate market and full-employment real production the occurs when short-run equilibrium real production is more than full-employment real production. An inflationary gap, also termed an expansionary gap, is associated with a business-cycle expansion, especially the latter stages of an expansion. This is one of two alternative output gaps that can occur when short-run production differs from full employment. The other is a recessionary gap.
Quantitative Restrictions :Specific limits on the quantity or value of goods that can be imported (or exported) during a specific time period.

INSIDER TRADING: The buying and selling of corporate stock or other financial instruments based on knowledge that is not widely available to the general public. Insider trading is most often undertaken by corporate executives or directors using information that they have acquired by working "inside" the company. Insider trading is illegal because it gives an unfair advantage to those on the inside. The president of a pharmaceutical company might be inclined to sell stock in the company using advanced information that the government is about to decline the patent application for a new drug.
Refinancing refers to the extension of a new loan to enable the repayment of all or part of the amounts outstanding on earlier borrowing, possibly including amounts not yet due.

Re-exports are foreign goods exported in the same state as previously imported, from the free circulation area, premises for inward processing or industrial free zones, directly to the rest of the world and from premises for customs warehousing or commercial free zones, to the rest of the world.

A Ringelmann Chart is the series of shaded illustrations used to measure the opacity of air pollution emissions. The chart shades range from light grey to black and serve in the setting and enforcing of emission standards. 

Reverse investment: refers to the acquisition by a direct investment enterprise of a financial claim on its direct investor. 
Because direct investment is recorded on a directional basis, capital invested by the direct investment enterprise in its direct investor (reverse investment) is regarded as an offset to capital invested in the direct investment enterprises by a direct investor and its related enterprises, except in instances when the equity participations are at least 10 percent in both directions

Revolving credit refers to credit with a clause for automatic renewal (under certain conditions

Risk-weighted assets refer to a concept developed by the BCBS for the capital adequacy ratio. Assets are weighted by factors representing their riskiness and potential for default

A real-time gross settlement system (RTGS) is a settlement system in which processing and settlement take place on an order-by-order basis (without netting) in real time (continuously

Rules of origin:Laws, regulations and administrative procedures which determine a product's country of origin. A decision by a customs authority on origin can determine whether a shipment falls within a quota limitation, qualifies for a tariff preference or is affected by an anti-dumping duty. These rules can vary from country to country.

INSOLVENCY: The condition of a business when liabilities (excluding ownership equity) are greater than Assets. In other words, a business can't pay it's debts. This is a first step on the road to bankruptcy, but it doesn't guarantee that legal bankruptcy proceedings will be initiated

SACU:Southern African Customs Union comprising Botswana, Lesotho, Namibia, South Africa and Swaziland

SDMX REGISTRY:An application which stores metadata for querying, and which can be used by any other application in the network with sufficient access privileges.

(UPSC TOPPER) S Nagarajan (UPSC CSE 2005 Rank-1)

(UPSC TOPPER) S Nagarajan (UPSC Rank-1)

"Failure will come but it should not deter us"

(IPS) Turning passion into a career: V Solomon Nesakumar

(IPS) Turning passion into a career: V Solomon Nesakumar

NT Bureau
Chennai, May 15:

        A childhood passion towards police service has led this young achiever to clear the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) examination this year.

UPSC Interviews: Free Gyan! : (

UPSC Interviews: Free Gyan!


visit above URL to see full article...

(STORY) Tea stall owner’s son carves path to IAS

Tea stall owner’s son carves path to IAS

Jagatsinghpur (Orissa) - Babaji Sahu, a tea seller in this coastal district, always had high hopes for his son. But even he is amazed at his son’s achievement.

Sahu’s younger son Manoj has just made it to the elite Indian Administrative Service (IAS). Sahu, 62, a resident of Singhapur village in the district, has been selling tea and snacks from a small thatched room for more than three decades and looks after his wife, two sons and a daughter with his meagre earnings.

(Article) With service on their minds : Deccan Herald

With service on their minds
Prathima Nandakumar

A career in the Civil Services can be a rewarding experience for those who want to serve the nation.


If you think only MNCs with their fat pay packets attract Young India, brace yourself for a revelation — ‘Civil Service’ is still synonymous with a dream job for most youngsters. The hardwork, lower remuneration, frequent transfers and red tapism, not withstanding. One look at the list of 27 achievers from Karnataka in the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) exams held in 2005, is enough to convince you about this.

Destination: IAS

From a chemical engineer, a veterinary doctor, an environment engineer, computer engineer to an ayurveda doctor, UPSC is emerging as the destination for those who want to taste power. That is also the reason why not many from the final list might become IPS or IRS officers. Most winners are vying for the IAS, and are raring to reappear for the exams next year.

A qualified electronics and communication engineer, D Randeep succeeded in getting through the civil services exams, in his third attempt. “In 2003, I made it to the Indian Revenue Service but resigned after I was selected for the IPS. And now, I am happy to be selected for the IAS. I worked really hard amidst my busy training schedule,” says Randeep, who bagged the 28th rank in the UPSC examinations conducted in 2005.

“People are crazy about engineering and medicine. But I am keen on nothing but IAS,” says Shilpa, who was selected as assistant commissioner in the Karnataka Public Service Commission exams held in 2005, but still chased her dream of becoming an IAS officer. Shilpa Ramesh, a qualified computer science engineer, bagged the 228th rank in the UPSC exams, in her third attempt.

It was no cakewalk...

Says Amit Javalgi (25), an environment engineer with K R Puram City Municipal Council, who bagged the 147th rank in his third attempt. “I chose subjects like public administration and psychology, which are both new to me. Moreover, hailing from a small town, it was important for me to work on my language fluency and confidence level,” says Javalgi, who believes that proper planning, time management and persistence is the key to success.

“For the last three years, I have been preparing for the Civil Services Exams. I attended coaching classes at Hyderabad and Delhi. I will be reappearing for the exams if I do not get into the IAS owing to my poor ranking,” says Shilpa.

“The argument that Civil Services examinations are a domain of the urban elite who have consistently scored high marks is a myth. I was an average student during SSLC, PUC and BAMS. I passed the Civil Services Examination as I took it up as a challenge,” said Dr K M Prafullachandra Sharma (28), a BAMS graduate from Honnali who secured the 23rd rank in the IAS examinations.

Says Upendra Shetty, director of Universal Coaching Centre, Vijayanagar, “Ideally, most candidates devote 8-10 hours for coaching. Choosing the right optional subjects, fine tuning your English language, preparing for current affairs and general knowledge is a must. A personality development programme and mock interviews give them enough confidence to face the panel.”

Only for the elite?

The Civil Service is no longer the forte of the urban elite. Siddalingappa Theli from Hajigunda village in Belgaum, who bagged the 308th rank and N S Sridharamurthy, a post-graduate in history and resident of Nagamangala village in Bangalore Rural district, who bagged the 344th rank are only two of the many instances where youngsters from average middle-class rural families have made it big in the UPSC exams. “I am proud because I appeared for the exams in Kannada medium,” said Theli, a qualified electronics and communication engineer.

“I have been placed 344th, but I’m happy that my hard work has paid off. Now, I am hoping to get an opportunity to serve Karnataka,” says Murthy.

“IAS coaching will cost you anywhere between 20,000 and Rs 25,000 in Bangalore and about Rs one lakh in Delhi. What one needs is focus, above average intelligence and the will to work hard,” adds Shetty.

Dr Kottra Swamy (28), a veterinary doctor who bagged the 176th rank and Deepa Rao (22) who stood 388th, are first-time champions, who don’t mind going through the same drill — till they get a good ranking and into the IAS.

Why IAS?

“Power is incidental, but the opportunity to serve is what attracted me to the IAS”, says 26-year-old Shilpa. Says Randeep, “It is definitely not the pay packet, but the opportunity to serve people that is attracting me to the IAS.”

“In North India, students start preparations for the IAS when they are still in their PUC. In South India, most students secure a job or qualification that can provide them an alternative if they don’t succeed in the Civil Services Exams owing to limited number of posts. However, times are changing and we find very focussed candidates too. We get nearly 600 applications every year,” says Shetty.

Facts about the union public service commission

The Union Public Service Commission conducts the Civil Service Examinations every year regularly and transparently for selection of candidates required by the government.

One month’s time is given from the date of announcement to send in application forms.

The intention of the Commission is to attract young talent. So a graduation is enough qualification to take the Civil Services Exam. Candidates who have completed their education from an open school/University (recognised) are eligible to attempt the exams. Even those who have done their graduation without passing Class X and XII are eligible to apply.

Candidates can choose an optional subject which he has not studied at the graduate/PG level. It is not even necessary for a candidate to take the same optional subject in the Main and Prelim Exams.

Candidates have the option of writing their answers either in English or in any one of the scheduled languages. If the candidate opts for an Indian language for the Mains he will have the option of taking the interview in the same language or in English.

General candidates are allowed four attempts and OBCs seven, while SC/STs are allowed unlimited attempts.

The Commission follows the reservation policy adopted by the Central Government. According to the existing policy, scheduled castes, scheduled tribes, other backward classes, defence personnel rendered handicapped in action, short and emergency commissioned officers and other handicapped persons are entitled for benefits of reservation.

Coaching is very essential to get through the Civil Service Examination. The depth and the vastness of the syllabus demand that one undergo coaching. Hardwork, single-minded devotion and proper coaching can help even an average student get through the Civil Service Examinations.

After clearing the Preliminary and Main Examinations, candidates are appointed as probationary officers.

Institutional training is offered in the first year and practical training in the second year.

The UPSC website ( has all the details regarding the exam.

(PSYCHOLOGY) Psyhco Quiz Links & Preparation material

(PSYCHOLOGY) Psyhco Quiz Links & Preparation material

Hi guys,
ive added a few links with those having psycho in pre.

Check them out.Altho the course if slightly diff, most of the syllabus here is commo to us and will give u an idea about how to solve the questions as each is accompanied with feedback in the form of an answer. 


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