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(Books) List Of History Books

Books : List Of History Books

Wonder that was India: AL Basham

Ancient India: Romila Thapar

Indian Feudalism: R S Sharma

Ancient Indian history: Jha , Shrimali


Medieval History:

Irfan Habib

Satish Chandra

NCERT - Satish Chandra. 11th class


Modern India:

Bipan Chandra- 12th class NCERT

V D Mahajan

Sumit Sarkar

Yashpal Grover

Bipan Chandra


World History:

NCERT: Contemporary World: 12th class


David Thompson: From Napoleon to world wars

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i m kishor law graguate frm mumbai. preparing for upsc pre 2009.

i am kishor shinde from mumbai,pursuing LL.B.(B.L.S.LL.B.4th year.) from GONT.LAW COLLEGE MUMBAI.and servicing in MUMBAI POLICE i have burning desire to success upsc exam.from my childhood .at this stage i dont no how to study and lots more problame about this exam.this year first time i giving preliminary exam and my indian history and public adm.plz tel name of book for INDIAN HISTORY AND GENERAL sending this mail i announce to all who choosen indian history sub.and want to study taking help of plz send me back your opinion.on

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