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How to Prepare Public Administration

Q. What is the basic reason for


How to prepare GS for Prelim within a specific time.
suggest the names for preparing GS for prelim 2006.
how much time should be devot to GS everyday.

Pradeep Kushwaha

hi all..i am an engineering student.doin b.tech(I.T).as i dont have any optional from my field. i am quite confused and worried about selection of optional subject.i have plans of taking either public admin or history.can u pls tell me what book to follow,also the necessary tips and trics to score well..


hi jothi ,
i m also B-Tech in comp .sc. when did u start ur prep for UPSC..?
though i have not yet cracked this examination ..but yes i m into preparation..
if u r confused between these 2 subjects then lemme tell u difference bet ween their prep.. public admin has precise syllabus while history ofcourse is lengthy ..
u can chose pub ad in my opinion cuz being from engg background u might find it more pragmatic and interesting..
choosing subject in this exam is all on ur interest ..no decision can be taken on basis of scoring or syllabus..
it depends entirely onur interest..
a subject which u have to read so extensively , u need to have interest in it.
pub admin is my suggestion althoug it depends whether u like history more than that..