[INFO] IAS Career Structure

Career Structure 


Into the IAS, IPS and the Central Services, Group A and Group B, is through the Combined Competitive Examination for the Civil Services. Recruitment to the Indian Forest Service is through a separate examination


Except for the post of Union Cabinet Secretary, the Government of India hierarchy is common to all services. The scales are:

Junior Scale Officers

Begin their careers with a two-year probationary period. This is spent partly in training, after which they may be posted at the state secretariat; as field officers; or a District Magistrate's office. Junior scale officers in the position of Sub-Magistrate are given mainly regulatory duties, like law and order, enforcement of rules, and general administration, including the supervision of development work.

Senior Scale

Starts at Under Secretary level and includes District Magistrates, Directors of public enterprises and Directors of government departments. Within this scale are:

� Junior Administrative Grade-Deputy Secretary
� Selection Grade-Director

Both these positions hold similar responsibilities, and are at par with each other.

Super Time Scale

Joint Secretary is the highest among Government of India administrative posts. Above this position come the policy makers. In the Central Services, this scale is sometimes titled the Senior Administrative Grade.

Additional Secretary

The work undertaken by an Additional Secretary is similar to that of a Secretary though the level of
responsibility is lower.


Secretaries head government departments and are concerned with planning in their particular areas. Some appointments such as finance and planning are considered more prestigious than others, and are therefore at par with the post of Additional Chief Secretary. Another title for this level is Principal Secretary.

Chief Secretary

The top ranking civil servant in any state-is responsible for everything that happens in the state as far as duties assigned to state governments are concerned.

Cabinet Secretary

Is the highest post at the center.