Sample Materials for CSAT Paper -1 (G.S.) Pre 2013: "Ancient Indian History: Post Mauryan Period (200 BC-300 AD)"

Sample Materials From Our Study Notes for CSAT Paper -1 (G.S.) Pre 2013

Subject: Ancient Indian History
Topic: Post Mauryan Period (200 BC-300 AD)

Contents of The Topic:

  • Foreign Rulers: Indo-Greeks
  • The Shakas
  • The Pahalavas/Parthians
  • The Kushavas
  • Three Sangams
  • The Cheras
  • Tamil Works of Earliest Period

Study Notes of G.S. Paper 1 for Civil Services Preliminary Examination 2013 will cover :-

  • 100% G.S. Syllabus
  • In 13 Booklets
  • More Than 3500+ Pages
  • Online Access to Get Special Materials
  • Guidance & Support from Our Expert

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Test Your Knowledge

1. Which Greek King issued bilingual coins?

(a) Allexander
(b) Demetrivs
(c) Manander
(d) Antaaliokus

2. Match the following:

(i) Shakas                       A. Parmbhagvat
(ii) Heliodorus                 B. coins bear the image of Buddha & Shiva
(iii) Wima Kadiphises      C. was defeated by Pushyamitra Shunga
(iv) Demetrivs                  D. Capital was Purushpur (Peshwar)

(a) (i)-A (ii)-B (iii)-C (iv)-D
(b) (ii)-A (iv)-B (i)-C (iii)-D
(c) (ii)-A (i)-B (iv)-C (iii)-D
(d) (iv)-A (iii)-B (ii)-C (i)-D

Answer of Question 1: B

Answer of Question 2: C