(Current Affairs) Science & Technology, Defence, Environment | February : 2013

Science & Technology, Defense, Environment

  • CHAMP Missile tested successfully
  • NASA to send New Rover to Mars in 2020
  • Mini Nile River on Saturn’s Moon Titan Discovered
  • Anti-Ageing Gene Might Suppress Tumours
  • Anti Collision Device for Railways
  • Most complex and realistic artificial brain
  • Quake risk at Japan atomic recycling plant
  • Spaceplane Successfully Completed Flight Test
  • A Headset That Give Humans 360 Degree Vision
  • Genetic code of Honey Bees Decoded
  • Hottest planet cold enough for ice
  • 100 Times Faster and Sensitive Laser Explosives-Detection Device
  • Voyager 1, the NASA Spacecraft
  • US Grand Canyon Is 65-70 Million Years Old
  • New Dinosaur with Gigantic Nose Discovered
  • Alarming Cushion to Warn You against Sedentary Lifestyle
  • Video shows physics can be fun