CAPF-AC (Assistant Commandant) Exam Study Material : Environment & Ecology - Some Important Points

CAPF-AC (Assistant Commandant) Exam Study Material : Environment & Ecology - Some Important Points

Environment & Ecology

Some Important Points

  • The need to include local communities in Forest Management has become a growing concern. Local people will only support greening an area if they can see some economic benefit from conservation.

  • An informal arrangement between local communities and the Forest Department began in 1972, in the Midnapore District of West Bengal. JFM has now evolved into a formal agreement which identifies and respects the local community’s rights and benefits that they need from forest resources.

  • Under JFM schemes, Forest Protection Committees (FPCs) from local community members are formed. They participate in restoring the green cover and protect the area from being over-exploited.

  • The Narayani River of Nepal has been polluted by factories located on its bank. This has endangered the fish, dolphins, crocodiles, and other flora and fauna of the region.

  • The World Bank’s withdrawal from the Sardar Sarovar Project in India in 1993 was a result of the demands of local people threatened with the loss of their livelihoods and homes in the submergence area.

  • This dam in Gujarat, on the Narmada River, has displaced thousands of tribal folk, whose lives and livelihoods were linked to the river, the forests and their agricultural lands. While they and the fishermen at the estuary have lost their homeland, rich farmers downstream will get water for agriculture.

  • The Forest Department has leased land for mining in the Sariska Tiger Reserve area by denotifying the protected forest areas. The local people have fought against the mining lobby, and have filed a Public Interest Litigation (PIL) in the Supreme Court in 1991. Rajendra Singh, secretary of TBS, points out that as many as 70 mines operate- in close proximity to the forest.

  • The small and arid state of Israel began using drip irrigation systems, as it is short of water. With this technique, Israeli farmers have been able to improve the efficiency of irrigation by 95%. Over a 20-year period, Israel’s food production has doubled without an increase in the use of water for agriculture! Today, Israel is one of the major suppliers of fruits and vegetables in the world.

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