CAPF-AC (Assistant Commandant) Exam Study Material : Geography - Studying Environment

CAPF-AC (Assistant Commandant) Exam Study Material : Geography - Studying Environment

Environment & Ecology

Studying Environment:

Definition of Environmental Studies

  • Environmental science deals with every issue that affects a living organism. It is essentially a multidisciplinary approach that brings about an appreciation of our natural world and human impact on its integrity.

  • It is an applied science, as it seeks practical answers to the increasingly important question of how to make human civilization sustainable on the Earth’s finite resources. Its components include biology, geology, chemistry, physics, engineering, sociology, health, anthropology, economics, statistics, computers and philosophy.

  • Environmental science is a collective study of many subjects. It includes elements of agronomy (soil science), biology, botany, chemistry, climatology, ecology, entomology, geography, geology, hydrology, limnology, meteorology, oceanography, political science, psychology, zoology, medicine and human and animal health.

It also draws upon some specialized subjects such as biogeography, demography, economics, and toxicology. Thus, environmental studies constitute a multidisciplinary subject

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