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Q. Write a short notes on Geospatial Techniques in Disaster Management.

Answer: The geospatial technologies have an important role in developing strategies for disaster reduction as well managing the disasters. It can be broadly classified into remote sensing based technologies and Geographical Information System (GIS). The remote sensing can be either space or aerial based.

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The space born remote sensing technology, that is satellite remote sensing, is more apt for disaster management owing to its temporal repetitively.

The Earth observation satellites provide synoptic and temporal coverage of large areas in near real time. The repetitive images enable the continuous monitoring of Earth surface features and phenomena. It facilitates the detection and early warning of disasters, especially those of meteorological origin. Besides, the different spatial resolutions of the satellite images enable us to choose images according to the area coverage of disaster prone areas. The forest fires can be detected early and their spread can be monitored. The images enable the mapping of flood affected areas and also track the direction of movement of tropical cyclones.The satellite images
also assist in mapping the drought and flood stricken areas and forest fire affected areas. The magnitude of the drought and flood can be assessed using the temporal images of the affected area.

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