Bioremediation : Environment for UPSC Exams

Bioremediation : Environment for UPSC Exams

  • Bioremediation is the use of microbes to clean up contaminated soil and groundwater and to degrade environmental pollutants.

  • Microbes are very small organisms, such as bacteria, that live naturally in the environment.

  • Bioremediation stimulates the growth of certain microbes that use contaminants as a source of food and energy.

  • Conventional methods like mechanical removal, burial, evaporation, dispersion, and washing are expensive and can lead to incomplete decomposition, leaving residual contaminants to pollute soil and water.

  • Employed in areas that are inaccessible without excavation. For ex: spills affecting ground water.

  • Clean up petroleum pollutants from the environment conserving aquatic wildlife without negatively affecting bio-diversity.

  • Technologies based on Bioremediation: Bio-leaching, Bio-Venting, Bio-augmentation, Composting.

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