Online Essay Course for IAS Mains

IASEXAMPORTAL Essay Course for IAS Mains Exam

A good writing habit is a prime necessity for sitting in the IAS Mains examination. Facts have proved that a large number of candidates fail to qualify the Mains examination, because of a lack of writing ability. When you
are unable to express yourself in a lucid manner, your caliber fails to get appreciated. Thus, inspite of possessing all the qualities and capabilities, you fail to qualify for the further stages of the examination.

IASEXAMPORTAL started the Open Essay Competition, with an intention to help the student community practice on their writing skills. After the huge participation from the student community, and your positive
feedback and requests, IASEXAMPORTAL now presents the first-ever, online Essay course for IAS mains.

The Mini-course is designed with an aim to save your time, money and effort. It has been designed like a crash course, but with more guidance and support. While, you may freely enroll in the open essay competition, it is
more important to get an expert review on what you write. This online course gives you an opportunity to get your writings thoroughly evaluated by a team of experts.

The Essay Mini-Course is a golden opportunity for the candidates taking various recruitment examinations, like Civil Services Exam, State Public Services Exam, SBI PO etc. The purpose of this test series is to build your
writing ability and develop an analytical perspective in your writing.

Besides the Open Essay Competition, The Essay Mini-course would provide you with an Essay topic after every 15-days. Thus, you get to write 2 comprehensive essays a month

What is the main advantage of the course is- each essay will be evaluated and analyzed in detail by a team of experts. Each essay would be thoroughly evaluated, with comments, highlighting of the good and weak parts
analysis of the essay structure, and further advice to make your writing better. The evaluated essays would be provided to the candidates for their good.

The main features of the Essay course would be-

  • Get articles on how to write a good essay, and how to improve your writing skills.
  • 2 Essays per Month.
  • Each Essay topic would be communicated, along with a suggested framework, to help you to get started.
  • Thorough Evaluation of each essay by an expert team, along with the Grade-sheet for your essay, to let you know about the marks breakup.
  • Communication about the quality and other aspects of the essay through mail and phone.
  • Guidelines for each essay before you start writing.
  • Automatic registration in monthly open essay competition.
  • The cost of the course has been low so as to help every section of the student community.

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