Ethics, Integrity and Aptitude 2013: Paper Analysis and Solution Section B (Part 3 of 3)

Ethics, Integrity and Aptitude 2013: Paper Analysis and Solution Section B (Part 3 of 3)

In the Previous article, we discussed the Question number 11 and 12 of the Section B of the Ethics Paper 2013. Now, let us take the remaining Questions.

Question 13- As a senior officer in the Finance Ministry, you have access to some confidential and crucial information about policy decisions that the Government is about to announce. These decisions are likely to have far-reaching impact on the housing and construction industry. If the builders have access to this information beforehand, they can make huge profits. One of the builders has done a lot of quality work for the Government and is known to be close to your immediate superior, who asks you to disclose this information to the said builder.

(a) what are the options available to you?
(b) Evaluate each of these options and choose the options which you would adopt, giving reasons. (250 words) 20 marks


The question puts before you two condition-

  1. The builder is known for his quality work.
  2. The builder is close to the superior officer, who wants to divulge some information to him.

It shall be kept in mind that decision shall be made in an ethically just way. A rule is a rule, and cannot be broken on the directions of any senior officer.


(a) the various options available are-

  1. Tell the senior of the wrongfulness of the act, and try to persuade him.
  2. Ask him for written instructions, as it is against the procedure, and you would require special permission do to the same.
  3. Outrightly reject his claim and complaint to his seniors.
  4. Lodge a complaint against him.
  5. Divulge the information as the builder has a good quality service record.


Since it is against the established procedure, in no way can the information be leaked. If the builder is really good, he would automatically get the contract from the government.

You should try to persuade the senior of the unjust and unprofessional action that he is suggesting. However, if the senior does not change his mind, you should ask him to give his written instructions for the mater, as divulging the information to any particular builder is against the established procedure, and you would require the special written orders of the senior to execute the command. It is most probable that the senior would not agree to give the written order, as he would be aware of the illegal nature of these directions.

Outrightly rejecting the directions of the senior might offend him, for not complying with his directions. However, in no case shall the inappropriate act be done.

Lodging a complaint with the anti-corruption cell might also prove ineffective, due to the lack of evidence against the senior. Thus, the most practical solution in this case would be consult the superior authorities regarding the matter, and reporting to them the details.

Question 14- You are the Executive Director of an upcoming Infotech Company which is making a name for itself in the market.

Mr. A, who is a star performer, is heading the marketing team. In a short period of one year, he has helped in doubling the revenues as well as creating a high brand equity for the company so much so that you are thinking of promoting him. However, you have been receiving information from many corners about his attitude towards the female colleagues; particularly his habit of making loose comments on women. In addition, he regularly sends indecent SMS' to all the team members including his female colleagues.

One day, late in the evening, Mrs. X, who is one of Mr. A's Team members, comes you visibly disturbed. She complains against the continued misconduct of Mr. A, who has been making undesirable advances towards her and has even tried to touch her inappropriately in his cabin.

She tenders her resignation and leaves your office.

(a) What are the options available to you?
(b) Evaluate each of these options and choose the options you would adopt, giving reasons. (250 words) 20 marks


This is a very serious issue in the contemporary times, as we get to read about such incidents of sexual harassment everyday. The central point while making decisions in cases is that- no matter what, those guilty of proven sexual harassment charges shall not be forgiven.



This is a very sensitive matter, and shall be dealt with great responsibility. The various legitimate options available are-

Option (I) Explain the female employee about the credentials of Mr. A and ask her to ignore the issue.

Option (II) call an urgent meeting about the issue and take disciplinary action.

Option (III) immediately expel Mr. A for such act.

Option (IV) First, talk to Mrs. X and calm her, as she is under a traumatic condition. And assure her that a strict disciplinary action would be taken at the earliest.


Option (I) might not be resorted as it would be highly unethical to expect Mrs. X to forget the issue. Issues of sexual harassment shall not be ignored.

Option (II) might be considered, as no decision can be taken arbitrarily, and proper channels have to be followed. However, given the exigency of the case, it is of an urgent need to take some immediate actions, while protecting the privacy of the lady employee.

Option (III) might appear just, but might not be the best course of action, because in an organization decisions are made through proper channels and procedures. Thus, while there is no doubt that Mr. A shall be given severe punishment for his offense, this shall be done through organizational procedure.

The Option (IV) is the most apt course of action, as it addresses the immediate as well as long-term needs. Since Mrs. X has faced an assault, she is in a disturbed state. It is the foremost duty of the head, to calm her, and make her understand that justice would be done. She shall also be assured that her privacy would be protected. Further, the perpetrator should be dealt strictly, as there are multiple proved incidences of sexual advances from his side. Thus, as the final decision, Mr. A shall be expelled from service, with an appropriate legal action against him.

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