How to Target IAS Mains Public Administration through UPSCPORTAL Online Coaching?

How to Target IAS/State Services Mains through our Online Coaching (?)

Public Administration is all that you see around you. It affects your life from the cradle to the grave. While the books that one refers to are by and large the same the difference lies in the approach, and for getting good marks in IAS/State Services Mains exam you have to improve your approach and for that we launched this online course .

In Paper One the students should develop a command over the first three chapters-Introduction, Administrative Thought and Administrative Behaviour as I feel these three chapters determine what PA is all about. The other use of linkages would mean that you apply what you study in paper I in paper II and vice-versa. Let’s say for instance the first chapter “Introduction” in paper I consists of GOOD GOVERNANCE which we can apply in ‘KAUTILYA ADMINISTRATION’ of paper II. Another example would be to say apply Marry Parkar Follets theory of constructive criticism (Paper I) to solve the problem between Centre and States or between the political and administrative executives. This ability of linking concepts and topics from the two topics will definitely help to get very high marks and in this online course we will train you for this.


  • Administrative Thinkers such as Weber, Fayol, Simon, and Riggs.
  • Organizational Theories
  • Citizen and Administration
  • Public Choice approach in Administration
  • Good Governance
  • PPP Model
  • Challenges of LPG
  • Bureaucracy and Development Administration
  • Administrative Reforms
  • PSUs
  • Significant Issues in Indian Administration
  • Urban and Rural Local Self Government


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