(Article) Without practice you never do well in Public Administration Mains

Without practice you never do well in Public Administration Mains

Dear Aspirants,
The secret to success in Public Administration lies in writing practice. Unless well practiced, it is not possible to score even fair marks in this optional and writing practice under an expert guidance contributes in securing high marks.

  • The writing practice helps in recognizing the context of your question.

Parliamentary vs Presidential Government
Fact vs Value Debate
Informal vs Formal Organisation etc.

  • The writing practice helps in recognizing the statement-giver of question.

….Guardians of traditions…… - Paul Pigors
….moral act and moral agent…. – Ordway Tead
……various kinds of theories have grown around…. – Peter Self
….discipline is in jeopardy ,order disturbed and stability threatened…. –Henri Fayol
…..quasi-federal…. – K C Wheare

  • The writing practice helps in recognizing the keywords of the question. If you fail to respond key words you can not hope to get more than 40% marks whatsoever brilliant all other things you may write.

Question-“In a hierarchy every employee tends to rise his level of incompetence.” Comment.

It is Peter Principal (Statement Giver) and the context of the question is Training (level of incompetence requires an employee to be trained)and key words are hierarchy,employee,level of incompetence. Make an interlinkages of all these three words and start writing your answer.

(A) Explain the meaning of all keywords of your question.
(B) Explain correlation of keyword with the understanding of entire sentence.

  • Analysis:- The analytical bent in the answer only comes through practice in public Administration.


The first option is you can make a interactive group of aspiring candidates with Public Administration optional. We all know no coaching institute can help you fully in this regard ,they have only to finish the syllabus on time.

UPSCPORTAL online course in Public Administration is consist of online interaction with course director on discussion forum for discussing previous year questions and continuous evaluation through a regular online model question and writing session in every chapter. Both online discussion forum and evaluation page will give you insight to utilize the online study material & how to present your answers with the assistance of the Course Director for generating various views of opinions so that in Mains examination you never fall short of words and concepts. The idea is for us to keep a fluid dialogue that allows us to exchange opinions and experiences that may help a better understanding of Public Administration theory and its practice in India.


  • It is so easy to use
  • There is no need of scanning your answer for uploading…….you simply have to login and write on the mentioned page inside.
  • After your enrollment , within 48 hours you will receive your user ID and password on your mentioned email ID.


Practice a lots of tests from anywhere you get.

Identify the weak areas and focus accordingly.

Make a note of the mistakes that you make in the tests or interactive session and try to rectify them.

The examiner only expects you to write a simple logical answer with clarity.

Do not give long introduction this may lead to loss of focus and attraction of the examiner.The first sentence should have direct bearing of the question or statement. This is the sentence which contains context and key words both with statement-giver.

Before suggesting any cure take administrative feasibility test of your suggestion.

Write answers like brilliant graduate and not like a confused philosopher.

Always complete your answer with conclusion howsoever small or big you may write. Even if you have little time conclude beautifully.


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