(Online Course) Pub Ad for IAS Mains: Chapter: 8 Development Dynamics - Impact of Globalisation over Public Administration (Paper -1)

Paper - 1
Chapter: 8 (Development Dynamics)

Impact of Globalization on Public Administration

  1. Case of rolling back of state, animalization of state shrinking of state.
    It is rendering the Public Administration as irrelevant Public Administration as discipline becoming more and more irrelevant.
    Role of state is going to be redefined. Importance of state is going to continue.

  2. Increasing loss of Public Space (Domain where every body has a say, people can involve in dialogue).
    Everything is being super imposed over the people without, they having any say monologic approach instead of dialogic. Top down approach instead of bottom up.
    Public Administration has to promote participative, dialogic and inclusive approach.

  3. Increasing shift from Administration state towards coercive state from Civil Administrative to non-civil administration.
    Huge mobilization taking place in the form of resistance basically in continental Europe. State is increasing coercive side of its role.
    State is increasingly becoming militarized violent to counter this resistance. Resistance movements are violent. So, to counter this state is becoming more violent. Led to a rethinking in Public Administration about the legitimacy of state.
    Public Administration has enlarged role to play to ensure that state is people oriented and not against the people.

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  5. Doing more with less.

    • Value for money.

    • Maximum output with minimum input.

    • Down sizing of employees, Retrenchment,

    • procurement of items is reduced.

    •  This has led to further escalation of state’s inefficiency. Public Administration has major role Justify that it is efficient. Document the best practices & failures of state of market.

    •  Justify that market is not solution for everything.

  6. Environment of Competition:

    • State will continue only when it remains viable financially.

    • Operate in a manner to challenge private sector.

    • Operate in professional manner (professionalization)

    Public Administration as discipline has to find out the details of professionalization of government Administration.

  7. In the era of Globaliazation there is increasing Market orientation. More values & philosophies followed in the government. Value aspect of the state. Constitution ideas, Social ethos, get citizen orientation is under mined.
    Constitution premise is under threat, Public Administration has to outline clearly the unique role of government it has to play in the context of marketisation so that its value aspect does not get undeunined.

  8. Emergence of issues of global in nature. Has to be dealt through International & Global approaches. Cross-national, Cross-cultural interaction & studies. Possible only through CPA. Merger of International Administration with CPA

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