If you have noticed, since past two years UPSC has been emphasizing a great deal on the section ‘Environment ’. And why not , ‘Environment’ is indispensable in lives of humankind. It is our life support system. It includes biotic as well as abiotic components ( since both are interdependent on each other). Right since men were blindfolded with growth and power , it has taken a toll on our surrounding atmosphere , nature . The fact is that there is an inverse relationship between growth , development and it’s impact on environment. To simplify, as countries prosper in a gigantic manner, there is an equal negative influence on our environment. The degradation has been very rapid in the past few decades. Hence, it’s a welcome step by the UPSC that they are trying to bring the importance of ‘Environment’ to the forefront by asking more questions in this section, unlike before.

We, the team of UPSCPORTAL, are just following the footsteps and trying to make everyone aware the importance of ‘Environment’ in our own humble way.

Well frankly speaking, that’s the long term goal , the short term goal is that it will help the aspirants in preparing well for the upcoming Preliminary examination .


Right since UPSC started asking questions from Environment, there have been nothing less than 15-20 questions (from 2011 onwards) in the GS paper or the paper – I of preliminary examination. Earlier, Environment was not considered as a separate subject and was included in Biology or Geography. However with the importance of the subject being realized gradually, Environment has been categorized as a distinct subject.


As you have probably guessed, the Environment is a huge concept and it’s not possible to study about it in a limited time-period . So here in this platform, it’s better to focus on the topics that are most important from the point of view of Prelims, 2014. These would be : Biodiversity, Natural Resources , Pollution, Ecosystem and various conventions and conferences related to environmental issues and not to forget various relevant reports and their significance. Also, perspective solutions to the amorphous threats to the nature by mankind have to be skillfully tackled in an efficient manner soon, otherwise the problem will become impregnable and the human race is doomed.


In the notifications that UPSC issue, they are very consistent about the fact that the candidates they are looking for should be vigilant and have a good grasp of everything happening around them. So dear candidates, why act otherwise ? Preparing for ‘Environment’ section will help aspirants have an upper hand over their competitors. One thing is for certain ,that if the trend that preliminary examination has been following continues , ‘Environment’ section is bound to have atleast 15-20% weightage yet again. So it’s time to pull up your socks and give your full efforts in preparing for this examination.

The team of UPSCPORTAL understands the value of your precious time , so we have come up with a free short course on ‘ENVIRONMENT.’ In this platform we plan to cover everything that’s important from examination point of view and make the candidate’s knowledge about environment and ecology crystal clear.

In the coming days, We will be coming up with informative articles and analyzes of the Environment section. In the Meanwhile, we wish the candidates,