(IGP) Special Current Affairs Material for IAS (Pre) 2013 - PIB "Topic : 'Green India Mission' to Increase Forest Cover"

(IGP) Special Current Affairs Material for IAS (Pre) 2013

Chapter: Gist of Press Information Bureau Articles

Topic: 'Green India Mission' to Increase Forest Cover

Q.  What is Green India Mission/ why GIM is special?

  • The 10 year long programme of 45,000 crore rupees named Green India Mission to increase the country’s green cover. GIM after a preparatory phase of one year will get going from 2012.

  • The target is to bring 5 million hectares of forest and non- forest land under green cover and improve the quality of green cover on another 5 million hectare of non-forest land.

  • There will be a fundamental shift in mindset from the traditional focus of merely increasing the quantity of forest cover, towards increasing the quality of forest cover and improving provision of ecosystem services.

  • Unlike the earlier initiative, the GIM will be implemented by Gram Sabhas with the technical and managerial support of the forest personnel. Now money will directly go to the Gram Sabhas and not through forest departments of State Governments.

  • There will be real time monitoring of forests under this program instead of just expenditure monitoring. The Indian Space Research Organisation, ISRO will soon launches series of satellites especially dedicated to monitoring the forest cover. Th e satellites will revolutionise the monitoring system and help make sensible conclusions about work and progress of forestry programs.

  • Its important aspect is to eliminate poverty. It will address livelihood problems of about 15 million poor people. It will also ensure implementation of the Forests Rights Act. Besides, under it, the community youth will be trained to maintain and take forward the fruits of investment in this mission.

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