(IGP) GS Paper 1 - India & World Geography - "Asia - MCQ"

Integrated Guidance Programme of General Studies for IAS (Pre)

Subject - India & World Geography
Chapter : Asia

1. Match the following.

     Sea                      Part of Ocean
i) Kara Sea           a) Pacific Ocean
ii) Bering Sea        b) South Pacific
iii) Arafura Sea     c) Arctic
iv) Red Sea          d) Indian

Which of the above are correct?

  1. i- a, ii-b, iii-c, iv-d

  2. i- c, ii-a, iii-b, iv-d

  3. i-c, ii-d, iii-b, iv-a

  4. i-d, ii-c, iii-a, iv-b

2. Match the following:

    Gulfs                            Location
i) Gulf of Ob              a) East of China
ii) Gulf of Chihli          b) East Vietnam
iii) Gulf of Tonkin       c) Between Yamal and Gyda peninsula
iv) Gulf of Thailand    d) South of Thailand

Which of the above are correct?

  1. i- c, ii- a, iii-b, iv-d

  2. i-d, ii-b, iii-c, iv-a

  3. i-a, ii-b, iii-c, iv-d

  4. i-b, ii-c, iii-d, iv-a

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