(IGP) GS Paper 1 - India & World Geography - "Nuclear Energy - MCQ"

    Integrated Guidance Programme of General Studies for IAS (Pre)

Subject - India & World Geography
Chapter - Nuclear Energy

1. Consider the following, which of these are correct?

i) The largest power station in India is in Tarapur Maharashtra.
ii) The largest research reactor is Dhruva at the Babha Atomic Resarch Center.
iii) Currently India is using two types of Power reactors, Pressurized Heavy Water Reactor and the Boiling Water Reactor.

a) i and ii
b) ii and iii
c) i and iii
d) All of the above

2. Which of the following are correct?

i) Canada has the largest reserves of Uranium in the world.
ii) Australia which has the second largest reserves is the largest exporter of Uranium.
iii) The primary source of Uranium in India is Jaduguda. Uranium is extracted in the form of yellow cake.

a) ii and iii
b) i and ii
c) iii only
d) i only

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