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General Studies: Cultural Institutes

Madhya Pradesh has been a Centre of cultural activities since historical days. Its has been a point of amalgamation of diverse Cultures and people of India. Us geographical Location and tribal population has made Madhya Pradesh a podium of all type of cultural and artistic activeties. To promate and preserve our rich culture and art Various Insitute have been set up in the state. Some of these Institute are setup by the government and others by the Individual efforts of the Local artists.

Directorate of Culture of Madhya Pradesh

To conserve, promote and develop the state's culture and literature, Directorate of Culture is working whole-heartedly. Being a Hindi speaking State, the way of conservation and all round promation of the state language Hindi comes under the purview of Directorate of Culture.

Major activities of the Dirctorate in nutshell are as follow:

  • All policy matters and policy formation\ related with culture.

  • Development of Art and literature.

  • Conservation of cultural traditions.

  • Use of Hindi Language in all educational insititutions and all related developmental work Writing, publication and reprints of all district Gazetteers.

  • To give financial assistance, pension help to all needy artists and ilteary presons.

  • Financial aids, motivation and encouragement to all Non-Governmental literary and culture organizations.

  • The work of honoring the selected artists / literary persons according to various award instituted by the State Government.

To Promote the use of Hindi language in ail official working, to publish all important and relevant information pertaining to districts in the from of Gazetteers and also to conserve and promote Art, culture and literature of the State are the key functions of the directorate.

Following institution are working under the administrative of the reccorate of Culture.


All- important significant and authentic information pertaining to the districts of state are collected in the Gazetteer. According to the schemes of the Govt, of India initially these Gazetteer are prepared in English and later on Directorate of Culture got translated these Gazetteers in Hindi language too.

Dirctorate has also produced the reprints of tne Gazetteers prepared during British and old royal state time and of contemproray work. So for out of 45 districts of old Madhya Pradesh 43 Gazetteer and 26 old Gazetteers of British and state time have been published. Hindi verson of 24 of published Districts Gazetteers are available.

Rently two more District Gozetteers originally prepared in English got translated in Hindi.

These Gozetteers are sold with 40 percent Concession on sale price.

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Financial Assistant to Institute

Directorate of Cuitureis extending financial help ofr registration to such non government organization who are devoted and working for the conservation, development and promation of Art and Culture.

Srijan peeth

By creating suitable environment for established and senior literary persons of the country an opportunity and guidance is given to young leading persons for promotion of literary activities. For this purpose following srijan peeth are constituted under the control of Sahitya Academy.

Mukti Bodh - Srijan peeth at Sagar Prem Chand Srijan peeth at Ujjain Nirala Srijan Peeth at Bhopal.

Ravindra Bhawan

For performing various cultural and social activities Ravindra Bhawan is the only Air-conditional fully equipped Auditorium is available in the capita! city Bhopal. This Auditorium has seating capacity to accommodate 700 spectators.

In this Auditorium complex there is an open-air stage and ample space for holding exhibition is also available. Annually Ravindra Bhawan has been renovated and upgraded.

Ravindra Bhawan has now become one of the most important centre of the state for performance and presentation of various activities with Art, Culture, Literature and Cinema Prize On Most Excellent work by Academy
AH India Purskar-15,000/- Each

  1. Makhanla Chaturvedi Puraskar - poerty

  2. Muktlboth Puraskar - Story

  3. Virshingh Dev Puraskar - Novel

  4. Ramchandra Shukla Puraskar- Criticism

State Level Prizes -15,000/- Each

  1. Baikrishana sharma 'Noveen' puraskar -Novel

  2. Subhadra Kumari Ghauhan puraskar - Story

  3. Bhavani Brasad Mishra puraskar - poetry

  4. Nand dulare Vajpayee puraskar - Criticism

  5. Harikrishana premi puraskar - Drama

  6. Sharad Joshi Puraskar - Satire, fine essay and other discipline

  7. Dushyant Kumar puraskar - Initial work of the writer of state'

  8. Isuri puraskar - Related to folk language

  9. Zahurbaksh puraskar - Child literature

  10. Tambe puraskar - Complete creative discipline of Marathi Literature

Aadiwasi Lok Kala Academy

Aadivasi Lok Kala Academy was established in 1980 under the aegis of Madhya Pradesh. The main objectives are to encourage, preserve and develop the tribal arts. To fulfill these objectives, the academy conducts surveys, organizes programs and publishes texts and materials centered on the various aspects of tribal folk arts. The academy abides by the standards prescribed by the government of Madhya Pradesh. The academy has founded Aadivart a state museum on tribal and folk arts. It has also established Saket, Ramayan Kaia Museum at Orchha.

The cultural identity of Madhya Pradesh is significantly associated with its folk regions.

The state has a transparent amalgamation of Nimadi Malwi Bundeli and Bagheli folk cultures on one hand, on the other there is a wide, rich and ancient word of tribal art and culture. Every region enjoys its own traditions in music, dance, sculpture and folk literature which are deeply qualified by variety and colour. The academy has so far archived the target of documentation and publishing material on twelve tribes, ten folk genres and four sculptures, addition to these it has also compiled and collected folk paintings based on Kalamkari, Patta, Cheriyal, Pattam, Madhubani.and Ramkatha in Patta Chitrakatha tradition, it has also included in its repertory wall-paintings, floor-paintings, tattoos, ballads, tales and devotional songs.

The academy organizes ten main festival related to the tribal arts and folk theatre, chief amongst them are Lok Rang, Ram Leela Mela, Nimad Utsav, Sampada and Shruti Samaroh. It also publishes, a magazine 'Choumasa' based on tribal and folk literature.Tuisi Sahitya Prabhag, a division of academy, organizes festival and lecture series centered on Tulsi Bhakti and Ramkatha. The main events of celebration are Janranjan,Tulsi Jayanti Samarc and Mangalacharan. In addition to these regular activities, the academy publishes a quarterly magazine entitled Tulsi Sadhana' and it also runs Tulsi Research Institute at Chitrakoot.

Tulsi Festivals


Janranjan is one of the major festivals organized in different cities of the state. Under the aegis of the department, Ramlila performing groups from all over the country present Ramlila and Raslila continuously for seven day- during the morning and evening sessions,

Tulsi Utsava

A three-day festival based on the various aspects of Goswami Tulsidas is held annually during Diwali at Chitrakoot, the seat of Goswami's meditation. Seminars, lecture series and programmes based on devotional songs are also organised. Celebrities associated with studies in Tulsidas literature are duly honored on such occasions.

Tulsi Jayanti Samaroh

The anniversary of Sant Tulsidas is celebrated at Chitrakoot. Seminars and music programmes are organized on this occasion.


The theme of this annual festival held at different cities of the state is devotional songs and music. Famous singers and musicians are invited to participate in the celebrations.

Kalidasa Academy

Kalidasa Academi Ujjain (Madhya Pradesh Sankrit Parishad) The greatest exporest of India Culture.

Keeping his memory in view, the department of culture of the Government of Madhya Pradesh established the Kalidasa Academy in the year 1978 at Ujjain. The basic idea of establishing Kalidasa Academy in Ujjain is two fold. One is to keep the memory of the great poet-dramatist Kalidasa constantly refreshed. The other is to establish a multi-disciplinary institution, which would project the totality of classica tradition with Kalidasa as its centre; provide facilities for research and study in Sanskrit classical and traditional literary thought, tradition of fine as well as performing arts and their adaptation for contemporary times in different cultural an linguistic Milieu.

The multi-level programme of the Kalidasa Academy consist of the academic pursi and research on Kalidasa, entire Sanskrit Shastric studies, training oriented experimentation and research on the Sanskrit theatre as well as Natyasastra of Bharata and promotion of classical literary and various art-form activities. The Academy has addressed itself not only to the task of rediscovery and preservation and of the traditions lying dormant or lost, but also of strengthening, re-interpreting and reproducing the living tradition in the context of the contemporary needs. The Academy, thus has a programme of academic activities, conferences, seminars, popular lectures, workshops, exhibitions, training, play-productions, recital of classical and folk traditional music, fi.... shows, academic research and publication. As a regular feature, seven day Kalidasa Festival is organized annuall
The Kalidasa Academy is designed to recapture the contribution of entire Sanskrit classical tradition, theatre and arts and to represent its unique aesthetic vision to the international community.

Sahitya Academy (Madhya Pradesh Cultural Council)

To fulfill the objective of patronage, encouragement and development of literature and writers of the state, the state government constituted Madhya Pradesh Sahitya Parishad in the form of Sahitya Academy in the year 1954, in the erstwhile capital of state, Nagpur .In the year 1956, the council shifted to the capital city of Bhopal as soon as the state of Madhya Pradesh was formed, Since then the council has been able to mark its dedicated presence on the literary and cultural scenario of the state through distance activities.

In accordance to its objective, the council organizes various functions in order to provide platform to creativity of youth and offers grant in aid for the manuscripts of the writers for the publication of their initial composition. The, council, through .book clubs in cities and towns within the state, convenes monthly meetings so as promote literary understanding and creativity and also extend the culture of book. Along with aiding small magazines of the state, it rewards 6 all India (11,000 rupees each) and 16 state level (7,000 Rupees each) excellent creative works and participates in the national book fair from time to time to popularize publication.


Muktiboth Samaroh - Initiating year 1987 Muktiboth is related to Shyopur, Madhya Pradesh. Leading and contempory poets, critic, essayist, storywriters, Philosophers and novelists gather. It has a far-reaching and ever lasting significance in Literature.

Subhadrakumari Chauhan Samaroh -initiating year 1982. Subhadra kumari Chauhan is related to Madhya Academy'sole function concerning young and leading women and writers of child literature.
Balkrishna Sharma 'Naveen' Samaroh -Initiating year 1982. Born in Malvanchal Madhya Pradesh. Famous as a national poet and advanced journalist. Organised in concern to nation society, poets and Literature.
Makhanlal Chaturvedi Samaroh - Initiating year 1987. Leading poet of Madhya Pradesh. Eminent young poet of the state well as country take part.
Padmakar Samaroh - Initiating year 1988. He is related to sagar, Madhya Pradesh. Based on the inter relation of the-period of Romanticism in Hindi Literature with contemporary literature.

Lecture / Speech

Parsai Vyakhyanmala - Initiating year 1986. Parsai was associated to Madhya (Memorial lecture) Pradesh. Based satire and prose.
Ramvilas Sharma Vyakhanmala - Initiating year 2000. Was a leading critic of the (Memorial lecture) twentieth century. Based on contempory criticism.


Keshav jayanti Function - Initiating year 1987 Eminent poet of Bundelkhand and 'romantic period. Oraganized at the historical and tourist, Orcha. Based on the recommendation of Local administration at the occasion of Ram navmi.

Nimad Festival - Initiating year 1995.

Oraganized at the famous tourist and pilgrimage of Madhya Pradesh, Meheshwar. Based on local and poet.
Memorial Functions
Bhawani Pradad Mishra Functiori -Inaugural year 2002. He is related to Madhya Pradesh. Based on New style of I poetry in hindi.
Sharad Joshi Memorial function-Initiationg year 2002. Well known satirist of the stateand the nation. Focusses on novel writing.
Shami Memorial Function - Inaugural year 2002. Excellent Hindi Novelist of undivided Madhya Pradesh Based on novel writing
Somdutt Memorial Function- Inaugural year 2002. leading poet of Madhya Pradesh Based on youth creativity.
Fazal Tabish Memorial Function -inaugural year 20002. Bhopal's leading prose and poetry writer. Based on common creative Hindi and urdu creativity along with contemporary literary reflection The above stated memorials would only be conducted after receiving desired grant from the cultural council. Debate / Dialogue
Nirantar - Inaugural year 2002. a monthly series of textual reading and dialogue. Focused on young poet, story writer, critic, essayist, satirist and contemporary questions of literature red from all over the country . The only eve based on dialogue in context to oration.

Prizes & Platform Workshop-Inaugural year 1954.The established of all India and state Prizes has been render deserved rapport and honor to the writers.
Readers Platform workshop - Inaugural year 1981. established for readers of small towns, cities, remote of place and literature loving people. 60 reader towns were established to provide even the most ordinary reader of state with the nations best literary works and to cary on the movement of reading, under tribal sub-plan monthly colloquium of seminar and publication of abridged report of studies in the journal 'sakshatk.

Miscellaneous and Occasional Functions

As per the instruction of the - Since the establishment of literature council Presidents and vice President {Sahitya Academy) till the present day, these functions are being done as desired by the president and voice president of the council

Book fair exhibition - from the beginning participation is made in book fair exhibition to popularize the literature published by me Academy.
Managing the Srijan path desk- The Academy is functioning as a model agency for muktioibath and Premchand Creative chair established by the state government at Sagar and Ujjain respectvaly.

Kala Parished

'Kala Parished was established in 1952 under the gagis of Madhya Pradesh' The main obhective of are to Protect and conserve the
Music, Dance, for art and Theatre art of the State and to Promot and motivate the young budding artists of the state.
The main adivitiyg are to arganize Programmes for different types of Art through out the state to provide stage of national standard to theartists of Madhya Pradesh, To corrdinate between diffiront Cultural organizations of Madhya Pradesh, It conducts a 3 days Divisional Festivals in every division of Madhya Pradesh, It also Publisher a monthly magazine called Kaka Varta'.

Tulsi Academy

It was founded in the year of 1987 at Bhopal. The main obhective are to searchall the writing of Tulsi pasji and to copile, Publish and Propagate the Same.
The main activity are to advice the government on imparting education of Tulsi Literature and to suggest Plans for promation of Research and explaration on Tulsi Literature. It also orgonires Seminars and Syonposiums on Tulsi Literature, It Publishes the Proceedings of "Tulsi Seminar1 organized each year, 'Chitrakoot Research Centre' is developing as an International center for Providing education of Tulsi Literature based on the 'Qurukul! style of teaching. Tulsi Samaroh is organized each year at Chitrakoot during Deepawali festival.

Sanskrit Academy

Madhya Pradesh 'Sanskrit Academay' was founded in the year 1985 at Bhopal. The main objective are conservation, Devlopment and enrichment of Sanskrit Literature in Madhya Pradesh. It also aims to promote new Sanskrit Literature and Lauratures.
The main activities It collects, compiles and publishes therare Sanskrit Literature. It Promotes and Conducts reaserch on Indian classical Sanskrit Literature, and it also tries to find relationship between ancient Langauages. Like Hindi and Sanskrit. It organizes ceremonies and Seminars on Sanskrit Literature and honour renowned in Sanskrit Literature.

Urdu Academy

Undu academy was founded in the year 1976 at Bhopal. The main obhectives; are to condout various activites for the upliftment, development and promation of the Urdu Literature.

The main Actvities of Urdu Activity are provides financial help to writers and also assists in Publication of this books. It conducts Urdu Dramas, seminars on Urdu Langauage and other similar Constructive activities. It also grant aid to Urdu libraries. It give six awards for work in Urdu Literature, namely Mohd.Yusuf Kaiser Samman, Suha Mujaddi Samman, Sirah Mir Khan Saher Samman, Nawab siddiq Hassn Khan Samman, Rait Bhopal Samman, Shambu Dayal Sukhan Samman.

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