One to One Telephonic Counselling for Public Administration UPSC Mains

UPSC -Mains-Public-Administration

One to One Telephonic Counselling for Public Administration UPSC Mains

Dear Aspirants,
A candidate preparing for the UPSC with Public Administration as an optional should develop a holistic bent of mind from the very start. More than the width of Knowledge, the depth is important.

This is our new initiative to help you all those who are preparing and appearing every year in IAS and other state services examination.

The counselling session via telephone/email can help you in discussing the syllabus and suggestions for reading material.

Salient Features:

  • Introductory Price of Just Rs.500/- Rs.199/- for Call/Email Discussion.

  • Clear all your doubts 1-2-1 with Public Administration experts.
  • Time slot will be allocated as per mutual understanding.
  • Both English and Hindi Supported on call.
  • Value Added Material worth Rs.499/- (PDF Copy)

What you will get on this telephonic counselling:

  • Discussion on Public Administration syllabus and suggesting the reading material.
  • How to form linkages for getting high score in Public Administration.
  • How to frame your answer from the key words of your question.
  • Read  chapters of Paper I & II together which have some commonness and the one is continuity of other and it will be beneficial for you from the point of view of clarity and performance.
  • UPSC don't need subject experts with vertical knowledge but  give edge to horizontal knowledge of an aware learner with better understanding to correlate General Studies and Public Administration.
  • There are always a directly or indirectly questions from Wilson, Riggs, Barnard, and Simon so how to prepare Administrative Thinkers Area
  • A lot of questions will be asked from Administrative committees and commissions and how to prepare it.  
  • Why not to use the books of Sociology, Law and Political Science for writing the answers of Public Administration for a common topic.   
  • Your own Doubts and Questions on Public Administration


  • Rs. 500 Rs. 99/-*  (Introductory Offer)
  • You can request Preferred Date & Time Slot at online form.
  • Payment is 100% Safe and Order No is generated immediately.

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Best of Luck.
Course Co-ordinator