(VIDEO) Monsoon Session of Parliament : Rajya Sabha TV Big Picture Debate

(VIDEO) Monsoon Session of Parliament : Rajya Sabha TV Big Picture Debate

Topic of Discussion: Monsoon Session of Parliament : Rajya Sabha TV Big Picture Debate

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  • Chakshu Roy, Head of Outreach, PRS Legislative Research
  • Shekhar Iyer, Senior Journalist

Topic of Discussion :

Monsoon Session of Parliament. The Monsoon session of Parliament ended on Wednesday, two days ahead of schedule amid continued standoff between the government and the Opposition parties. During the session, which began on July 19th, proceedings of both Houses were interrupted regularly due to protests by Opposition members over several issues. Statistics show that the Parliament functioned for less than a quarter of the scheduled time. If we look at the productivity of the Rajya Sabha during the Monsoon Session, it was 29%, while the Average Productivity of the previous 5 sessions has been 95%. The Lok Sabha saw a productivity 22.00% during the just concluded session. More than 74 hours were lost to disruptions. Amid protests, some Bills were passed. However, the session also witnessed unruly scenes that lower the image of the temple of democracy. On The Big Picture today, we will discuss with experts the outcome of the Monsoon session, the standoff between the treasury and opposition benches and the way forward to ensure the purpose and productivity of Parliament sessions is not hampered.

Anchor- Teena Jha

Courtesy: Rajya Sabha TV

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