Contents of English Grammar & Comprehension Command Study Kit

Contents of English Grammar & Comprehension Command Study Kit

How to Prepare for English Compulsory Paper?

Parts of Speech
The Parts of the Sentence


1. The Sentence and Its Parts
2. Parts of Speech
3. The Noun
4. The Pronoun
5. The Adjective
6. The Verb
7. The Adverb
8. The Preposition
9. The Conjunction
10 Articles
11. Possession
12. Collective Nouns
13. Syntax: Rules of Subject Verb Agreement
14. Misplaced and Dangling Modifiers
15. Tenses
16. Can and Could
17. Punctuation
18. Using Clauses as Nouns, Adjectives and Adverbs
19. Common Errors in English

1. Vocabulary
2. Common Roots and Stems
3. Commonly Misspelled English Words
4. One Word Substitution
5. Antonyms
6. Synonym
7. Idioms and Phrases
8. Some Selected Proverbs
9. Phrasal Verb List
10. Basic Word Parts
11. Group of Confusing Words
12. Foreign Words


  • Why is comprehension judged in competitions?
  •  How to tackle the comprehension test
  • Key Splitters
  • For Hindi Medium Students
  • How to attemp the Comprehension?
  • Some tips of Score Maximum Marks

Errors in the Usage of the English Language

A. Common Errors In Parts Of Speech
B. Errors In The Use Of Pronouns
C. Errors In The Use Of Adjectives
D. Errors In The Use Of Verbs
E. Errors In The Use Of Adverbs
F. Errors In The Use Of Prepositions
G. Errors In The Use Of Conjunctions
I. Errors In The Use Of Tenses
J. Errors In The Use Of Article
K. Errors In The Use Of Modals
L. Errors In The Use Of Shalland Will
M. Errors Committed In Everyday Conversation

  • Practice Exercises

Transformation Of Sentences

I. Sentenceswith Orwithout The Adverb Too
Ii. Interchanging Affirmative And Negative Sentences
Iii. Interchanging Assertive And Interrogative Sentences
Iv. Interchanging Exclamatory And Assertive Sentences
V. Interchanging The Degrees Of Comparison
Vi. Different Ways Of Expressing A Condition
Vii. Different Ways Of Expressing A Concession Or Contrast
Viii. The Substitution Of One Part Of Speech For Another
Ix. Conversion Of Simple Sentences Into Complex Sentences
X. Conversion Of Complex Sentences Into Simple Sentences
Xi. Conversion Of Simple Sentences Into Compound Sentences
Xiii. Conversion Of Compound Sentences Into Complex Sentences

Direct And Indirect Speech

I. There Are Two Ways Of Reporting The Words Spoken Bya Person
Ii. Reported Speech, Reporting Verb
Iii. Rules For The Change Of Tenses
Iv. Exceptions To The Rule Stated Above
V. Rules For The Change Of Personal Pronouns And Possessives
Vi. Change Of Words Denoting Time And Position
Vii. Conversion Of Assertive Sentences (Statements)
Viii. Conversion Of Interrogative Sentences
Ix. Conversion Of Imperative Sentences With Let
X. Conversion Of Exclamatory And Optative Sentences
Xi. Reported Speech Consisting Of Dilfferent Types Of Sentences
Xii. Conversion Of Dialogues Into Indirect Speech


  • What is a Precis?
  • Precis Writing
  • How To Set About Writing A Precis
  • Practical Hints
  • Exercises with Hints
  • Passages with Hints
  • Unsolved Passages
  • The Art of Paragraph Writing
  • Essentials of a Paragraph
  • Model Short Essays

1. Pronoun
2. Adjective
3. Verb
4. Adverb
5. Degrees of comparison
6. Removal of ‘Too’
7. Voice
8. Direct and Indirect Speech
9. Common Errors

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