Content of Democratic Rights & Privileges (Part - I)

Contents of Democratic Rights & Privileges

UPSC Syllabus:
  • Constitutional, legal, administrative and other issues emerging from the politico administrative system prevalent in the country.
  • Issues relating to good governance and accountability to the citizens including the maintenance of human rights, and of probity in public life.
  • Democratic rights and privileges of citizens. Emerging social changes/trends relevant to governance.

Contents of Our Study Kit

  • Tribal neglect and limitations of budget-centric approach to development
  • Development of Juvenile Justice System in India
  • Right to Corruption free Governance
  • Human right law in india: Right to water and social justice
  • Human rights & the role of judiciary
  • Social Justice in The Indian Context
  • Organizing census 2011 –a Himalayan Task
  • Changing Media and its Role in Economic and Social Development
  • Do you Know? What is Direct to Home Service?
  • Communication for development a catalyst for implementing welfare Schemes
  • Do you Know?
  • Horticulture in India: Status and Prospects
  • Census of India 2011: Some Highlights
  • Family planning: The Need to Reposition in Context of Maternal and Child Health
  • Population Growth and the Millennium Development Goals in India
  • Financial Inclusion, Financial Deepening and Economic Growth
  • Energy Consumption in India’s Household Sector: Social and Economic Dimensions
  • The Emergence of Hydroponics
  • The Focus Shifts to Private Investment
  • Combining Good Politics with Economics
  • Financing Healthcare in India
  • Effecting Integration for Growth
  • Do you Know? Integrated Coastal Zone Management
  • Do you know? draft national telecom policy, 2011
  • Inheritance rights of women in agricultural land
  • Do you Know? What are different types of credit ratings?
  • New bill to Focus on Livelihood Rights and Rehabilitation
  • Relevance of Public Private Partnership
  • Services Sector and Its Contribution to the Indian Economy
  • Education in Indian Economy: An Overview
  • Health Care in India-vision 2020 Issues and Prospects

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