Content of National Security

Contents of National Security

UPSC Syllabus:
  • Structure and functions of Defence Forces, Para Military Forces and Police.
  • Origin, growth and dimensions of fundamentalism,militancy and terrorism.
  • Local, regional, national and international dimensions of organized crime and terrorism; and efforts at countering them.
  • White-collar and cyber crime, money launder ing and tax-havens.
  • Technology in cr ime detect ion, prevent ion and investigation, including forensics.
  • Weapons and weapons training that a uniformed officer should be aware of.
  • Food security, energy security, water security, technological self-reliance as a part of security objectives,
  • Disaster Management including natural andman made disasters.
  • Security and related topics for Essay Section.

Contents of Our Study Kit

  • Understanding India — Balmiki Prasad Singh (IPS)
  • Not by Guns Alone ‘Soft’ Issues in CT Strategyy — Jayanto N. Choudhury, IPS
  • State Monopoly over Legitimate Force and Solutions to Terrorism — Harpreet Singh Sidhu, (IPS)
  • Politics of Terrorism — Dr. Bibhuti Kalyan Mahakul (IPS)
  • Thematic Perspective on Terrorism Definitional Perplexities and Conceptual Ambiguities — Shashi Kant
  • Need for Reform in The Internal Security of India — Rosy Tripathy & Nidhi Singh
  • Use of Information Technology in Tackling Terrorism — Dr. Tapan Chakraborty
  • Future of Community Policing — Sankar Sen, (IPS)
  • Analysis of Problems Related to Forensic Examination in Offences Against Human Body and Need for Auditing — A. Dutta, R.C. Arora, IPS & Dr. P.C. Sarmah
  • Cyanide: A Versatile Terrorist’s Chemical Weapon and Its Counteract Preparedness — Amarpal Singh, Gungun Saxena, Gurvinder Singh Bumbrah and Others
  • The Scope of Artificial Intelligence in Forensic Science — Swapnil R. Kamdar & Astha Pandey
  • Incorrigible Corruption — Dr. N. Dilip Kumar, (IPS)
  • Terrorism: Problem and Prospects — Dr. Subhash Sharma & Devendra Mishra
  • Terrorism– A Challenge Before the Nation — Dr. P. Mohan Rao
  • Left Extremism in India Causes and Remedies — Dr. S.K. Kataria
  • International Terrorism and India — Ashwini Kumar
  • International Co-operation to Combat Cyberterrorism & Misuse of Internet by Terrorists — Krishna Sastry Pendyala & K S R Charan Reddy
  • Evolving Trends in Terrorist Crimes — Dr. J.R. Gaur
  • Intractable Communal Violence in India — K. Saleem Ali, Prof. Amarjeet Kaur & Prof. K.K. Aggarwal
  • India: Addressing Energy Security and Climate Changee
  • Cyber Crime Prevention & Detection — V.Shiva Kumar, Asst.Director, A.P.Police Academy
  • White-collar Crimes a Bird’s Eye View — Shantanu Jugatwat
  • India’s Strategy Toward Energy Development and Energy Security — Anumita Raj
  • Security in India: The Coming Challengee — Anumita Raj
  • Food Security in India
  • Disaster Prevention & Mitigation
  • Man-made Disasters
  • Scheme for Modernization of State Police Forces
  • Community Policing: Concepts and Elementss — Sanker Sen
  • Right to Information and Freedom of Speech
  • Detection of Deception through Scientific Methods-polygraphy, Narco-analysis and Brain Finger Printing-their Validity and Legal Acceptability — Swapneshwar Goutam and M P Goutam (IPS)
  • Managing Low Intensity Conflicts Human Terrain Mapping Holds the Key’ — A P Maheshwari (IPS)
  • Police as an Instrument of Social Changee — Dr S C Agarwal (IPS)
  • Crime During Disasters: Causes and Its Curess — Dr. Yatish Mishra (IPS)
  • Meeting the Maoist Challengeepolice Responsee — Shankar Barua (IPS)

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