Study Kit for State PSC Preliminary Examination (PRINT COPY)

Study Kit for State PSC Preliminary Examination

This Study KIT will be Useful for below mentioned PSC’s

  • Uttar Pradesh (UP) PSC
  • Bihar PSC
  • Haryana PSC
  • Rajasthan PSC
  • Himachal PSC
  • Madhya Pradesh (MP) PSC
  • Jharkhand PSC
  • Maharashtra State PSC
  • Assam & North East States PSC
  • Other State PSC

What you will get:

  • 100% Syllabus Covered
  • 13 Booklets (GS + Aptitude CSAT)
  • 2800+ Pages
  • Booklet on State GK
  • Guidance & Support from Our Experts

Price of the Kit:

  • The price of this Study Kit is Rs. 14,000 Rs.5,999/- (including courier charges)

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Contents of State PSC Study Kit

Paper –I General Studies:



  • Sources of Indian History
  • The Harappan Civilization
  • The Vedic
  • The Mauryan
  • Post Mauryan period (200 BC-300 AD)
  • Gupta & Post - Gupta period: Society, Economy & Polity


  • Chronology of Events in Medieval India
  • North India between 750-1200
  • The Sultans of Delhi
  • The Mughal Kings
  • The Marathas
  • Vijayanagar Empire
  • The Saints of Medieval India


  • Indian in the Eighteenth Century
  • Rise of the Regional Powers
  • Economic Impact of The British
  • Indian Renaissance and Reform Movement
  • Early Uprisings Against The British
  • The Revolt of 1857
  • Nature and Causes For The Rise of National Movement
  • The Rise of Neo-Nationalists or Extremistss
  • The Beginning of the Gandhian Era
  • The National Movements in 1940s
  • Chronology of The National Movement INDIAN GEOGRAPHY PHYSICAL

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Our Objectives:

  • Every section is covered with chapter wise Multiple Choice Question. (MCQs)
  • Flow chart, diagram and figures are exhaustively compiled, for better understanding of the Contents.

Implementation Aspects:

  • You will Get 13 booklets
  • 13 Booklets will consists of approximately 2800+ Pages
  • Study Kit will be delivered to your postal Address after payment confirmation.
  • After dispatching your kit we will provide you courier tracking details.
  • For any help we will provide Telephonic & Email Support to the candidates.

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