Philosophy Optional Study Notes for UPSC Mains

Study Materials for Philosophy Optional for UPSC Mains

Dear Aspirants,
Philosophy is the 4th most popular option as far as appearing in UPSC mains examination is concerned. Every year, the number of aspirants taking Philosophy is increasing in UPSC as well as state PCS. Sociology is one of the most popular options in U.P.S.C. examination for obvious reasons. It covered very high chunk of marks in General studies also, now after changed syllabus of GS mains. 5th Paper of GS Mains is directly from Philosophy. It is also useful in writing essay. Since at least one Social issue comes as a topic, so preparing for Philosophy gives depth to the arguments. In the mains examination Philosophy is directly interconnected with other subjects like Sociology and History. Philosophy is highly subjective subject.

Because it is your optional paper, so it is really crucial you fare well enough to secure that the final selection of yours is guaranteed. Fetching 300 + in this paper is not really hard & rocket science, but it requires some dedication and interest towards knowing its pattern. Where each number is important to give the shape of your future, how can you afford to ignore this paper? I have seen some aspirants doing exceedingly well in all the papers but have failed to get good marks in their forte and thus ruined their career.

For this year's Civil Services Mains we are launching Study Kit for Philosophy, we have compiled the Study Kit by analyzing the last few years question papers & also keeping in mind the present trend evolving in this paper. You can see the contents of Study Kit & its comparison with the syllabus.

So, we at IAS EXAM PORTAL have decided to launch Personal Guidance Programme for Philosophy Mains (PGPP) For this year’s Civil Services Mains. We have specially made this kit for those aspirants who are either new to this paper or have studied it but not getting desired marks. You can see contents of study kit online & can decide whether this is fruitful for you. We are advising you to not study anything else other than our kit for this paper.

Target 300+ marks in Philosophy Paper

If you are choosing Philosophy, expert guidance on how to write convincing systematic answers is very important.

Convincing answers follow an efficient, accurate, systematic and methodical approach. We will make you follow this approach to answers.

Here is why you should join:

  1. Answer Writing Skill Development Techniques
  2. Sample Answers
  3. Previous Year Papers
  4. Online Guidance by email or phone

What you will get:

  • Medium: English Medium
  • 5 Comprehensive Booklets
  • 1,250+ Pages
  • Available in Hard / PDF Copy
  • Guidance & Support from Our Experts

Price of Study Notes:

  • SOFT COPY PDF for ALL Books: Rs. 6,000 Rs. 1,498/- (50% Off + Extra Off for PDF Copy - Only for Few Days)
  • HARD COPY + Current Affairs PDF: Rs. 6,000 Rs. 2,999/- (50% Off - Only for Few Days)
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100% Safe Payment

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Our Objectives:

  • Our sole objective is to help you to score 300 + Marks in this paper

Implementation Aspects:

  • You will Get 5 booklets.
  • Study Kit will be delivered to your postal Address after payment confirmation.
  • After dispatching your kit we will provide you a courier tracking details.
  • For any help we will provide Email Support to the candidates.