UPSC - IAS PRE (GS+CSAT) Solved Papers & Test Series Study Kit


Study Kit For UPSC - IAS PRE (GS+CSAT) Solved Papers & Test Series

Dear Candidates,

As you all know Civil Services Preliminary Examination is the most crucial stage of the IAS examination because it enable you to face the next stage, because if you fail to clear Prelims, your dreams are over before it starts to blossom. I have seen lot of candidate who are toppers of university examination but and were assessed as sure to be future administrator but continuously failed to clear P.T. hurdle. So I emphatically recommend you all to focus on practicing in Prelims exam. As the Prelims examination is objective in nature, so candidates have to develop a proper method to get good score in the examination. Most of the candidates appearing for the examination have a lot of knowledge, but lack practice and thus they fumble at the examination hall. They are not able to present all the information/knowledge in a coherent and logical manner to choose the right answer.

In preparing for any exam there are basically three things which ultimately aspirants are expected to do READ, REVISE and RECALL. But for putting this Strategy on paper you will have to adapt only one strategy and it is PRACTICE, PRACTICE & PRACTICE.

Practicing with Solved Papers/Mock papers not only helps improve your memorize thousands of questions, but it enables one to focus on their weak links and strengthen their strong part as well. It also enhances your speed and ability of quick mental calculation. Make sure that you study as per the syllabus of the subjects. The attitude should never be “I will directly write in the examination”.

Try to stimulate the actual examination hours to judge your performance and to plug any loopholes. The bottom line is your study strategy should devote more time for Practicing than for reading alone.


What you will get:

  • Total 4 Printed Books
  • 10 Year UPSC Prelims G.S. Paper-1 Solved Papers (with Ans Keys)
  • 10 Year UPSC Prelims CSAT Paper-2 Solved Papers (with Ans Keys)
  • 10 IAS PRE General Studies Mock Test Series Papers (with Ans Keys)
  • 10 IAS PRE CSAT Mock Test Series Papers (with Ans Keys)
  • UPSC Syllabus
  • 1 Year Current Affairs (PDF Copy)

Price of the Kit:

  • SOFT COPY PDF for ALL Notes: Rs. 4,000 Rs. 599 - 200 = 399/- (50% Off + Extra Off for PDF Copy - Only for Few Days)
  • HARD COPY + Current Affairs PDF: Rs. 4,000 Rs. 1,999/- (50% Off - Only for Few Days)
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1. 10 Year GS Solved Papers 140+ Pages
2. 10 Year CSAT Solved Papers 120+Pages
3. 10 GS Mock Papers 140+ Pages
4. 10 CSAT Mock Papers 120+ Pages
5. UPSC Syllabus 90+ Pages
- Current Affairs (Monthly PDF Copy) 500+ Pages
  Total 1000+ Pages

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