(Online Test Series) Download Geography Mains : MOCK Test - 1


  • Time Allowed : 3 Hours
  • Maximum marks : 300

Candidate should attempt questions 1 and 5 which are compulsory and any three of the remaining questions selecting at least one question from each section. Illustrate your answers with suitable sketches, maps and diagrams, where appropriate.


1. (a) Mark the following ten features/locations/entries on the World Map provided to you. Each item carries 2 marks. 2X10=20
(i) Ozark Plateau
(ii) Mount Logan
(iii) Grand Canyon
(iv) Pittsburg
(v) Winnipeg
(vi) Laurentian shield
(vii) Niagara Falls
(viii) Bay of Fundy
(ix) The windy city
(x) The city of Golden Gate Bridge

(b) Provide a write-up on the significance of the feature/location in approximately 40 words. This carries four marks each. : 4X10= 40 Marks

Question No. 2:
(a) “Geosynclines are the cradles of the fold mountains”. Comment. : 20 Marks
(b) Discuss briefly the endogenetic forces affecting the earth’s crust. : 20 Marks
(c) Give an account of the Airy’s idea about isostasy. : 20 Marks

Question No. 3:
(a) “The seismic and volcanic zones of the world nearly coincide with each other”. Justify the statement. : 30 Marks
(b) How is the plate tectonics theory an improvement over the Kober’s geosynclinal theory in explaining the process of mountain building? : 30 Marks

Question No.3.
(a) Highlight the main differences in the ideas of Davis and Penck about the cycle of erosion. : 30 Marks
(b) Explain the concept and scope of Applied Geomorphology. : 30 Marks


5. Write short notes on any three of the following in about 200 words each: : 20X3= 60 Marks
(a) Special economic zones
(b) Indian Space Programme
(c) Nuclear energy in india
(d) Setusamudram shipping canal project

6. Give a detailed account of the inland waterways of India and their contribution in the Indian Economy. : 60 Marks

Question No.7.
(a) Discuss the extent of deforestation in India and suggest measures for increasing the forest cover. : 30  Marks
(b) “Despite of having numerous wildlife conservation programmes, the wildlife in India still faces danger of extinction”. Comment. : 30  Marks

8. Discuss the scope of the non-conventional energy resources in the context of energy crisis in India. : 60 Marks


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