(Online Test Series) Download Geography Mains : MOCK Test - 2

TEST – II (Climatology and Cultural Setting of India)

Time Allowed : 3 Hours
Maximum marks : 300

Candidate should attempt questions 1 and 5 which are compulsory and any three of the remaining questions selecting at least one question from each section. Illustrate your answers with suitable sketches, maps and diagrams, where appropriate.


1. (a) Mark the following ten features/locations/entries on the World Map provided to you. Each item carries 2 marks. 2X10=20 Marks
(i) Patagonia desert
(ii) La paz
(iii) Mirim lake
(iv) Montevideo
(v) Lake Maracaibo
(vi) Antofagasta
(vii) Strait of Magellan
(viii) Rio de Janeiro
(ix) Ushuaia
(x) Marajo Island

(b) Provide a write-up on the significance of the feature/location in approximately 40 words. 4X10=40 Marks

2. Give a detailed account of the prevailing wind system of the world. 60 Marks

Question 3.
(a) Discuss the modification of the air masses. 30 Marks
(b)Explain the concept of frontogenesis and frontolysis with reference to a temperate cyclone. 30 Marks

Question 4.
(a) "Trewartha’s climatic classification is an improvement over the Koppen’s classification". Comment. 30 Marks
(b) How the Jet streams help in maintaining latitudinal heat balance? 30 Marks


5. Write short notes on any three of the following in about 200 words each: 20X3=60 Marks
(a) Conditional Instability
(b) Urban Climate
(c) Racial make-up of India
(d) National Population Policy 2000

Question 6.
(a) Give an account of the quality of the human resource of India in the light of the health indicators. 30 Marks
(b) Discuss the status of the women of India with reference to the demographic attributes. 30 Marks

Question 7.
(a)Explain briefly the problems of tribal population in India and suggest measures to alleviate them. 30  Marks
(b)Elaborate the problems being faced by Indian migrants internationally. 30 Marks

8. “The distribution and density of population in India is highly uneven”. Elaborate. 60 Marks



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