(Online Test Series) Download Geography Mains : MOCK Test - 3

IAS (MAIN) 2010


  • Time allowed: 3 Hours
  • Maximum marks: 300

Candidate should attempt questions 1 and 5 which are compulsory and any three of the remaining questions selecting at least one question from each section. Illustrate your answers with suitable sketches, maps and diagrams, where appropriate.


1. (a) Mark the following ten features/locations/entries on the World Map provided to you. Each item carries 2 marks. 2X10=20  Marks
(i) Great Karoo
(ii) Canary Islands
(iii) L.Volta
(iv) Akhmara
(v) Victoria Falls
(vi) Ubangi Plateau
(vii) Sahel
(viii) Cabinda
(ix) Maputo
(x) Bab-al-mandab

(b) Provide a write-up on the significance of the feature/location in approximately 40 words. This carries four marks each.
4X10=40 Marks

2. Give a detailed account of the marine resources. 60 Marks

3. (a) Discuss the mid-oceanic ridges of the world. 30 Marks

(b) Make a comparative study of the ocean currents in the northern hemisphere and southern hemisphere. 30 Marks

4. (a) Discuss the heat and salt budgets of the ocean. 30 Marks

(b) Explain UNCLOS. 30 Marks


5. Write short notes on any three of the following in about 200 words each: 20X3=60 Marks
(a) Coral bleaching
(b) Regur
(c) Inland Drainage in India
(d) Pelagic deposits

6. Explain in detail the causes and occurrences of floods and droughts in India. 60 Marks

7. (a) “Rainfall in India is mainly orographic in nature”. Explain. 30  Marks

(b) Discuss the influence of ENSO on the Indian Monsoons. 30  Marks

8. (a) Give a detailed account of the tropical forests of India. 30 Marks

(b) Explain the geographical division of the northern plains of India. 30 Marks


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