(Online Test Series) Download General Studies Mains : MOCK Test - 1


  • Time allowed: 3 hours
  • Maximum marks: 300

1. Answer any one of the following (250 words) : 30 Marks
(a) Some recent judgments and opinion of the Supreme Court of India may be milestones in social reform. Discuss.
(b) Parliamentary system in India may take lead towards party-less democracy than party-based democracy. Analyse.
(c) India is federation in term of distribution of responsibilities and unitary in term of distribution of resources. How far do you agree? Put your views.

2. Answer any two questions in 150 words each. : 2X20=40 Marks
(a) Now Governors in India need to be governed by reviewing and amending their constitutional position. Comment.
(b) Planning is basically an economic activity but in India, it has been mostly political activity. Put your views.
(c) President’s powers of pardon against death sentence itself seems to be dead in present references of mercy petition. Examine the statement.

3. Answer any two of the following questions in 100 words each. : 2X15=30 Marks
(a) What may be the parameters of deciding failures of constitutional machinery in the state? Examine from constitutional and extra-constitutional view points.
(b) Right to life and personal liberty has been defined by the Supreme Court as the back-bone of Indian Constitution. Comment.
(c) Union of States in India need fresh look on state reorganization. Answer with your arguments.

4. Write an essay on any one of the following in about 800 words. : 200 Marks
(a) There is neither any beginning nor end of reforms.
(b) 60th Year of Indian Republic – A Review.
(c) Nationalism is Above All “ism” of India.


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