(Online Test Series) Download Public Administration Mains : MOCK Test - 1


  • Time allowed: 3 hours
  • Maximum marks: 300

Answer any five questions in which question 1 is compulsory.

1. Answer any three questions. : 60X3= 180 Marks
(a) Had there been no evolution of Policy Science, Public administration may have lost identity. Discuss.
(b) Theories of Administrative thinkers are like an elephant and six blind men. Explain.
(c) Neo-approach in classical and behavioral theories have brought classist and behaviorist very close to each other. Do you agree? Put your views.
(d) Politics-Administration dichotomy may be acceptable in theory but may not be acceptable in practice. Comment with reference to Wilson’s view.
(e) Scientific Management theory has no space for human aspects. How far do you agree? Put your arguments.

2. POSDCORB is an extension of elements of management put forward by Henry Fayol. Discuss. (300 words) : 30 Marks

3. Elton Mayo may or may not be accepted as behaviorist. (300 words) : 30 Marks

4. Compromise is the best way of conflict management in society, politics and Diplomacy. Analyse (200 words) : 30 Marks

5. Max Weber tried his level best to ensure social acceptance of bureaucracy. Do you agree? Discuss. (200 words) : 30 Marks

6. Human Manager will be able to hold authority with job. Comment. (200 words) : 30 Marks

7. Human aspects have been integrated in management principles gradually. Analyse. (200 words) : 30 Marks



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