(Online Test Series) Download Public Administration Mains : MOCK Test - 4

IAS (MAIN) 2010


  • Time allowed: 3 Hours
  • Maximum marks: 300

Section A

Question 1:
(a) Strong bureaucracy is not suitable for Democracy. Comment (250 words) 30 Marks
(b) What is World Bank’s concept of good governance? Explain. 60 Marks

Question 2: How far do you agree that findings of Elton Mayo are very much useful in understanding and solving of industrial problems in India also. Put your views. 60  Marks

Question 3: Chanakya’s Arthashastra can be compared with “GITA”, Chanayka himself with Dronacharya and Chandragupta with Arjuna. Explain. 60  Marks

Section B

Question 4.
(a) Analyse methods and techniques of Rigg’s research. (250 words) 30 Marks
(b) Rule of exception was rejected by Renesis Likert. Comment. (250 words) 30 Marks

Question 5: Riggs tried to compare inside Asia with outside Asia in terms of Prismatic Society. Examine. 60 Marks

Question 6: Bazar Canteen Model developed by Riggs, truly explains emerging nexus among politicians, traders, criminals and bureaucrats in India. Examine critically. 60 Marks

Question 7: Accepting administrative organization as closed system is like closing behaviourist line of thinking before starting the behavioural line. Discuss. 60 Marks


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