(Online Test Series) Download Public Administration Mains : MOCK Test - 5



  • Time allowed: 3 hours
  • Maximum marks: 300

Answer any five questions selecting at least two questions from each section in which Question no. 1 and 4 are compulsory.

Section A:

1. (a) France is having mixed form of Presidential and Parliamentary Democracy. Comment. 30 Marks
Principle of dissolution of Power is main feature of Parliamentary Democracy. Discuss. 30 Marks

2. Riggs has left no stone unturned in exposing ground realities of third world countries. Comment. 60  Marks

3. If Public Administration does not include comparative approach, it will hardly be able to get scientific status. Examine. 60  Marks

Section B

4. (a) Working of administration very much depends on working of Political System. Comment. (200 words) 30 Marks
(b) Legislative control over Government in India has to be more effective and value based. Examine. (200 words) 30 Marks

5. Administration in India is not only controlled by constitutional masters but also by some extra-constitutional masters. Discuss. 60 Marks

6. Examine the parameters of Differentiation and Integration in understanding society and social development with reference to Rigg’s view. 60 Marks

7. Redefine Administration and Management in the light of ongoing economic reforms world over. 60 Marks


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