Public Administration Test Series for IAS Mains Exam "Test - 2"

Public Administration Test Series IAS-Mains

Public Administration Test Series for IAS Mains Exam

Test - 2

Test No: Test - 2

Maximum Marks: 250

Time Allotted: Three Hours

Important Instructions:

  1. There are EIGHT questions divided in two SECTIONS and printed in ENGLISH.

  2. Answers must be written in the medium specified in the Admission Certificate issued to you, which must be stated clearly on the cover of the Question – cum – Answer sheet in the space provided for the purpose.

  3. Candidate has to attempt FIVE questions in all.

  4. The number of marks carried by each question is indicated at the end of each question

  5. Questions no. 1 and 5 are compulsory and out of the remaining, THREE are to be attempted choosing at least ONE from each section.

  6. Word limit in questions, wherever specified, should be adhered to.



Section A

Q.1.  Answer the following questions in not more than 150 words each: 10x5=50

(a) In a hierarchy every employee tends to rise to his level of incompetence. Comment.10

(b) “Autonomy and accountability in Public enterprises cannot walk together”. Comment 10

(c) “Voluntarism is not anti-thesis of state-centricism.” Comment.10

(d) “Auditing in Government is an exercise in postmortem.” Examine.10

(e) Burkhead says ; ‘Budget in Government is a vehicle of fiscal policy and a tool of management.’ Examine this Statement 10

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(a) What are the main functions of an O and M office? 25

(b) “Centralization inclines toward power and domination. Decentralization, on the other hand, inclines toward competition and selfdetermination.” Discuss. 25


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Section B


Answer the following questions in not more than 150 words each: 10x5=50

(a) ‘Move to scrap Planning Commission raises Constitutional questions’. Comment 10

(b) “Public undertakings no longer occupy ‘commanding heights.” Comment 10

(c) The concept of planning is to identify what the organization wants to do by using the four questions which are "where are we today in terms of our business or strategy planning? Where are we going? Where do we want to go? How are we going to get there?" Comment 10

(d) What are the key functions of Public Enterprises Selection Board ? 10

(e) “A PPP is an "off-balance sheet" method of financing the delivery of new or refurbished public sector assets.” Comment 10

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(a) “Memorandum of Understanding’ scheme between the Government and Public enterprises has forced public undertakings to improve their overall performance.” Do you agee with this statement? 15

(b) “In the context of liberalisation the role of Public Sector and its welfarist approach is being drastically changed.” Elucidate. 15

(c) The Government of India defines a P3 as "a partnership between a public sector entity (sponsoring authority) and a private sector entity (a legal entity in which 51% or more of equity is with the private partner/s) for the creation and/or management of infrastructure for public purpose for a specified period of time (concession period) on commercial terms and in which the private partner has been procured through a transparent and open procurement system." Discuss 20


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