(Current Affairs) International Events | March 2011

International Events March 2011

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  • Yunus removed as Grameen Bank chief
  • China plans Tibet-Xinjiang rail links
  • Thousands fleeing fighting in Ivory Coast
  • IAEA approves safeguards for new Pakistani reactors
  • UN Women's scheme for widows
  • Dalai Lama to step down
  • Illinois abolishes death penalty
  • Japan races to avert nuclear meltdowns
  • China hints at new development approach to Tibet
  • Cooling systems fail at third reactor in plant
  • Tri-nation group formed to free sailors
  • Radiation levels alarming
  • French air strike kicks off attacks on Qadhafi
  • Bahrain King pledges reform
  • Election for head of Tibetan government-in-exile held
  • Thousands protest in Syria
  • NATO takes over military operations
  • Saleh proposes orderly exit
  • Israel deploys Iron Dome

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