30 Days Revision Plan for UPSC Pre Exam 2017


30 Days Revision Plan for UPSC 2017 Pre Exam

It is said that “All is well if the end is well”. Now you have reached the final stage of your preparation and the next one month journey can either lead to the coveted services of IAS or add one more year to the preparation. Therefore, next 30 days are extremely important for your life. Revision is the key mantra every topper speaks and is essentially the secret ingredient between success and failure. More importantly, it’s the timing of revision and the way one revises it.

Here are some time tested “Revision Plan”:

UPSC PRE Study Plan for GS:

  • Divide your entire study material into 6 major parts: Environment, Art and Culture & History, Polity, Economics, Geography, Current Affairs.
  • Daily revision one part and solve UPSC previous year papers of the corresponding area.
  • On the 7th day, revise all the 6 parts in just 4-5 hours and solve 4-5 mock tests in the next 6-7 hours.
  • Continue this exercise for the 4 weeks.
  • Use the last 2 days before the examination for complete rest. It means just sleep and sleep and even watching inspirational movies.
  • Let’s discuss how to revise the entire one major part in just one day:
  • Start with static portion, and try to recall the important points and no need to study word by word.
  • Thereafter, read the corresponding current affairs part and again just recall.
  • Wherever, you get stuck give a fast reading to that portion and move on.
  • Remember, you will revise 4 times in coming days therefore don’t worry even if you are not able to recall more than 50% of the study material.
  • You can follow any other process which suits your way of revision because there is not any fixed formula of revision. People follow different methods and yet they qualify.

How to work upon for CSAT?

  • If you are an engineer or belong from mathematics/analytical background. This paper does not require any special treatment. Just solve last 3-4 years papers in the last week of the preparation.
  • If you have non-technical background, buy 5-6 CSAT test papers from the market. Solve them without looking at the solutions first. Find the areas where you are facing difficulties.
    Read about them from any standard online source.
  • Now focus on 3 important areas: Pythagoras Theorem, Man days’ work, Profit and loss. Every year these areas cumulatively cover at least 10 questions.
  • Try to solve reasoning based questions at least 50 and may buy Arun Sharma’s book very beneficial.
  • Now solve previous year questions of CSAT.
  • Do not more than 1-2 hour daily for CSAT. Questions asked in the CSAT are very primary and if you just apply simple logic you would be able to solve and get through the qualifying mark.

You have worked very hard to reach at this level of preparation. Just keep focused and hold your nerves for next and final revision strategy. This one month must be so well into your head that you must not have any other matter in your mind to distract you. Revision is the key to success in any examination. Finally, take care of your health, avoid mosquitos especially in Delhi. :-)

All the Best!!!

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