(Paper) Solutions of SSC Stenographer Grade C & D Exam 2011


Answer Key

Solutions of SSC Stenographer Grade C & D Exam 2011

5. 125/197
6. 222
7. 183
8. Q17 T 20
11. AU
12. ANHU
14. 8
15. 824- 14
16. 7, 13, 3
17. 4,3,2,5,1
18. 5,1,3,2,4
19. acbcb
20 FC
22. 91
23. 200
24. 17
25. 27
26. 40
28. 32 YEARS
30. 61
32. 2 KM
35. A
36. 60
39. 8237693
41. 846
42. 214
43. 4
44. 8
45. 8100
49. 23

51. tughluq dynasty
52. lord canning
53. balban
54. perian
55. occupation
56. lord clive
57. wage< marginal revenue product
58. 1966-69
59. unchanged income distribution overall
60. progressive
61 bond
62. explicit costs
63. china
64. earthquake
65 nilgiris biosphere reserve
66. konkan coastal plain
67. tamil
68. hawai
69 electorate for the panchayat
70 legal justice
71. lok sabha
72. indicate as many preferences as there are candidates to be elected
73. interval between question hour and next agenda
74. 1954
75. balck and rough
76. melting point
77. electron
78. near the neck
79. lysosome
80 bone
81 sex chromosomes
82. rennin
83 copper at cathode and anodes dissolve to give copper
84. argon
85. suplphur dioxide gas
86. Cl2o
87. eniac
88. desk top publishing
89. andhra pradesh
90. doyen of hindustani vocal music
91.one thousandth of the solar mass
92. vijay kelkar
93.tamil nadu
95 818
96 15
97. tokyo
98. yogeshwar dutt
99. usa
100. anita desai

101. serveral guests noticed Mr. sharma / collapsing in his chair/ and gasping for breath/ no error
answer b

102. This is our second reminder/ and we are much surprised/ at receiving no answer from you/ no error
answer d

103. you should/ be always greatful/ to your mentor. / no error
answer b

104. the furnitures/ had become old and rusty./ no error
answer a

105. most people/ are afraid of/ swine flu these days. / no error
answer d

106 I may not be able / to attend/ to the function. / no error
answer c

107 he is / residing here / since 1983/ no error
answer a

108 at his return/ we asked him/ many questions/ no error
answer a

109 the chief guest entered into/ the room./ no error
answer d

110. she is/ very angry /on him /no error
answer c

121 to 125 choose the correct alternative in case no improvement is needed your answer is d

121 the advancements in medical science has proved to be a boon for all of us.
a has proven
b had proven
c have proved
d no improvement
answer c

122. educational facilities in under developed nations are often limiting.
no improvement
answer a

123 docors are known for their illegible handwriting
no improvement
answer d

124 he cited a number of reasons for his absence
a sited b recited c sighted d no improvement
answer d

125 he received many praised for his latest invention
great may praises
much praise
too much praises
no improvement
answer c


126 yesterday in a collision between a truck and a car he had a close shave.
a maintain cleanliness
b remove the entire hair
c a narrow escape
d close relations
answer a

127 the piece of parental property has created bad blood between the two brothers
a impure relation
b ill matched temper
c active enmity
d bad parentage
answer c

128 since you couldb't accept a timely warning, it's no use repenting now. why cry over spilt milk
cry over irreparable loss
to regret uselessly
cry needlessly
feel guilty of
answer a

129 after fifteen years of marriage she did not expect her husband to leave her in the lurch
listen to her
provoke her
ignore her
desert her
answer d

130 who are we to sit in judgement over their choices
a lecture
b criticize
c speak
d communicate
answer b

131 the teacher took me to task for not completing my homework
a gave me additional homework
punished me
took me to the principlal
redcuced my homework
answer b

132 do not lose your head when faced with a difficult situation
a forget anything
b neglect anything
c panic
d get jealous
answer c

133 when i entered the hosue everything was at sixes and sevens
a quarrel among six or seven people
to have six or seven visitors at a time
in disorder or confusion
an unpleasant argument
answer c

134 he was pulled up by the director of the company
answer b

135 the storm broguht about great destruction in the valley
answer b

Opposite Meaning

136 stationary- standing speedy moving fast
137 fictitious- real ambitious unbelievable imaginary
138 acquitted- jailed exonerated convicted accused
139 exhaustive- interesting short incomplete complete
140 sacrifice - assimilate abandon acquire absorb
141 thoroughly- superficially carefully freely callously
142 gradual - unscrupulous dynamic rapid enthuiastic
143 retain- remember release unfurl engage
144 enmity- rivalry amicability animosity proximity
145 diligent- incompletent lazy entravagant frugal

Choose the one which best expresses the meaning of the given word

146 imaginary- fabulous ficititious factitious fallacious
147 tranquil- tremendous dynamic treacherous peaceful
148 sordid sore unpleasant splendid dissatisfied
149 nefarious- docile natural neurotic wicked
150 mellow- melodious dramatic genial fruity
151 boisterous- boyish huge sound noisy
152 shines glows dazzles blazes glitters
153 circuitous- short roundabout circular different
154 insensitive- repulsive revolting cunning callous
155- dearth- scarcity familiarity closeness relation

156 to 160 PQRS

156. 1. once there was a king
p. on the next day a group of merchants passed on that way
q. the people in his kingdom were very lazy
r the king wanted to teach them a lesson
s one night he had arranged a big stone in the middle of the road

6. they didn't move the stone, but passed round it
sqrp roqs qrsp qsrp
answer c

157 d
158 c
161. biscuit
162. interrupt
163. accessibility
164. suggestion
165 cabbage
167. vacilate
168. skilfull
169. question is wrong all spelling are correct
170. literacy

171 to 175 Active Passive

171. India is evolving a new plan to control here population
a a new plan is evolved by india to control here population
b a new plan has been evolved by india to control her population
c a new plan was being evolved to control her population by india
d a new plan is being evolved by india to control her population
answer d

172. we found the lock broken last night
a. the lock was found by us breaking last night
the lock was found by us broken last night
c the lock was broken by us last night
d the broken lock we found last night
answer b

173. they should shoot the traitor dead.
a the traitor should be shot at by them
b the traitor should be shot them
c the traitor should be shot dead by them.
d the traitor is shot by them
ans c

174. who inaugurated the fair?
the fair was inaugurated by whom
the fair is inaugurated by who
by whom was the fair inaugurated
by who was the fair inaugurated
ans c

175 close the doors
a let the doors are closed
the doors are to be closed
c let the doors be closed
d allwow the doors to close
ans c

176 opinionated
177 phobia
178 fanatical
179 ceasefire
180 ridicule

In the following passage some of the words have been left out. first read the passage over and try to understand what it is about. then fill in the blanks with the help of the alternatives given:

India and 25 other countries agreed to the copenhagen accord even as other developing countries accepted it as an irreversible decision later. the accord come out of ......181 bargaining lasting almost 20 hours among......182 of governments of some of the most.....183 countries of the world. at the ....184 of the day on saturday, india.....185 to have given ground on some ......186 but blocked intrusion on other red lines. It had become.....187 within the first week of the .....188 that the best even the four emerging and.....189 economies of the developing world were going to do was to defend the......190 economic resource sharing regimes.

181 difficult hard easy early
answer b

182 rulers kings heads chiefs
answer d

183 influential corrupted useless beautiful
ans a

184 middle evening night end
ans d

185 proved appeared viewed cleared
ans b

186 materials thougts issues discussions
ans b

187 evident ambiguous vague indecisive
ans a

188 accord talks issues thoughts
ans a

189 economic political powerful praiseworthy
ans c

190 expected existing resultant consequential
ans d


The stone age was a period of history which began in approximately 2 million bc and lasted until 3000 BC its name was derived from the stone tools and weapons that modern scientist discovered. this period was divided into the paleolithic, mesolithic, and neolithic ages. during the first period 2 million to 8000 BC the fist hatched and the use of fire for heating and cooking were developed. as a result of the ice age, which evolved about 1 million years in the paleolithic age, people were forced to seek shelther in caves, wear clothing and develop new tools.

During the mesolithic age 8000 to 6000 bc people made crude pottery and the first fish hooks, took dogs for hunting, and developed a bow and arrow, which was used until the fourteenth century ad.
The nbeolithic age 6000 to 3000 bc saw human kind domesticating sheep, goats, pigs and cattle, becoming less nomadic than in the previous ages, establishing permanent settlements and creating governments.

191 the stone age was divided into ------------ periods
a. five
b. four
c. three
d. six
answer c

192 what developed first in the paleolithic period
a. the bow and arrow
b. pottery
c. the fist hatched
d. the fish hook
ans c

193 which period lasted longest
a. paleolithic
b. ice age
c. mesolithic
d. neolithic
ans a

194 for how many years did mesolithic age exist
a. 2000
b. 3000
c. 4000
d. 5000
ans a

195 when did people create governments
a. 8000 - 6000 bc
b. 2 million to 8000 bc
c. 6000 to 3000 bc
d. 2 million to 1 million bc
ans c

196 what did the speaker and mr. albert
answer b

197. why did the speaker not
answer d

198. mr. albert west was
ans b

199. why did
ans d

200. why was
ans a