(Article) Civil Service and Sanskrit

Article : Civil Service and Sanskrit

Sanskrit is a subject which has been known for scoring thorught the life of a student ..but yet we find very few takers of Sanskrit in UPSC . The main reason being lack of reliable materials in the market and over advertisements of sucess of other subjects . After much enquiry I did research into the Subjects and syllabus and here are the findings .


1:- The sylabus is small and limited [ Means there cannot be a total surprise in the question paper . One has to just write what he is prepared on] .

2:- Sanskrit is scientific , if u already learnt Sanskrit ..you would have realised this . Thus much scoring . Infact It has given some aspirants as high as 450 .

3:- Every year there are some people who have cleared with Sanskrit like Sharat , Ritu etc of recent . 
[ Best part is u can directly speak to them to know the pit falls]

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Courtesy : Nojan.wordpress.com