(Article) Overcoming personal tragedy, UPSC candidate tops in Kerala

Article : Overcoming personal tragedy, UPSC candidate tops in Kerala

Surmounting tragedies to focus on becoming an IAS officer, Mithra T emerged triumphant in the recent Civil Services Examinations securing the tenth All India rank and becoming Kerala topper, fulfilling the dreams of her parents who are no more.

Fighting back tears, Mithra, whose father passed away on April 30 and mother last July, said"this victory is a tribute to my father and mother, who are now no more. Both were very supportive and wanted me to become an IAS officer,"she said. She received the good news when she was performing the'sanchayanam'(obsequies) rituals, of her father.

"I am very satisfied and IAS is my preference as I can render more service to the poor and needy,"said Mithra, a Junior Research Fellow in English at Kerala University. Mithra went for the UPSC interview on March 30, when her father Thiruvikaraman Nair, a retired government Under Secretary and an epileptic, was battling for life in hospital.He died on April 30.

" After my mother died last July, I was a bit confused whether to continue (preparations) or not. But, my father and elder sister insisted that I should", she said.

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