(Study Tips) Preparing Commerce Optional For UPSC Prelims

Study Guide : Preparing Commerce Optional For UPSC Prelims

My very good friend Umesh Agarwal,who is a Chartered Accountant and a fellow aspirant,has agreed to share his experience of preparing Commerce optional for UPSC prelims and mains for the benefit of anyone considering Commerce as his/her first optional.So here is Umesh explaining the nitty gritties of preparing commerce in his own words...

Commerce is an interesting subject to read because is gives you an opportunity to have an idea into various financial aspects.
However, it is a fact that in UPSC, we should take only those optionals in which you really find interest and which you can handle, because ultimately it is you , who has to carry it till the end.

Regarding my experience with commerce, I joined Vajiram in the year 2005 for both Prelims & Mains and I blindly followed whatever was told in the class. I never applied my brain into it.

I gave my first PT(Prelims) in 2006 and I failed .
I failed because I blindly followed only the Vajiram class notes.
Then I assessed myself "why I have failed ?" "where was my fault ?"

On assessment, I found that I had to read the basic books first and to make these books as my base. Class notes/coaching notes are only for giving you guidance but you can never make them as your base books.
Thereafter I took help of these books :

Accounts -- T S Grewal * 3 books (Class 11 and 12 ,NCERT)
Audit -- Aruna Jha
Business Organisation -- Rankers notes
Law -- M C Kucchal
Management-- C B Gupta

For mains , I adopted the same technique and I read :
Financial Management -- Rastogi
Accounts -- only theory portions from any book
Audit -- Aruna Jha
Tax -- I have not done
Management--- C B Gupta , Rao ,T N Chabra
Industrial Relation - T N Chabra
Human Resource Management - Staffing chapter from C B Gupta

I must tell you one thing, it is the strategy and planning with control which matters and not merely the number of hours you put in for studies.
Hence, kindly make your own strategy and planning with control and I am sure you all will come up with flying colours in this exam.

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Thank you for Giving this tips for us and please post the commerce preliminary exam's model question paper and provide the mock test .

Dear Sir, Thank you very much for sharing a avery important information i called it as a very niche and helpful information for us, who are looking forward for a bright future to represent our country. Actually, i have taken up Commerce as my optional subject and materail avalible was very less and infact i was not able to find out any good caching classes and study material for Commerce. your short and sweet information has been very much useful , i woudl be gald if you can share more information . infact i would be glad to get in touch with you over a call if you dont mind. You can get in touch with me on : 9819633606, rpatils@gmail.com I shall revert back to you... thank you very much for the much awaited support.