UPSC 2010, 2011 - New Pattern : "Rumors or Truth"

UPSC 2010 New Pattern - "Rumors or Truth" By Srikant Bhagat

What is in Air?

That Union Public Service Commission is going to change the whole examination process. the Preliminary examination will be an Aptitude Test. There will not be any optional papers in PT. In Main Examination there will be exclusion of subjects which are not relevant to Civil Service.

What is the BACKGROUND?

Civil Service Examination pattern is based on the requirement of Administration. Which should be modified with changing context of society.

Different committees and commissions have recommended reform in the pattern.

  • Y.K. Alagh committee recommended in 2001 that two optional should be done away with. It suggested introduction of Mathematical Aptitude along with Psychological test.

  • P.C. Hota committee wanted the overall changes should be introduced to examination pattern and also eligibility criteria especially the Age.

  • Administrative Reform Commission (2nd) also recommended introduction of Aptitude test based examination. It wanted that parity should be brought in examination and Public Administration should be given central  place with a National Institute of Public Administration for providing training to candidates for Civil Service.

Why is it a hot issue today?

D.P. Agrwal, the present chairman of UPSC commented that UPSC has sent recommendation to introduce Aptitude test in PT, on 12th November 2009 at a function of UPSC.

Will it be applied?

It depends on government. The final decision is taken by the Union Government. If it accepts the recommendation then it will be applied. Therefore it may not be applied.

If change occurs, What will be the pattern?

In case of change, PT will be based on Aptitude Test and optional paper will not be there in Preliminary examination.

What is an Aptitude Test?

A test designed to assess the ability of the candidate including mental alertness, power of assimilation, clear and logical expression, balanced judgement, ability to lead coordinate and guide etc.

It will include:

  • Quantitative Aptitude

  • Data Implementation  & Sufficiency

  • Verbal and non verbal reasoning

  • Verbal ability

  • Reading ability

  • Comprehension

  • Awareness of science, current affairs

  • Awareness of Administration

It is a type of Psychometric Test and will also be used to test the personality of the candidate.


Thanks a lot for providing pattern for CSAT 2011.Now it will be easy for freshers like me for preparing for CSAT 2011.

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