(Article) What Not To Study For UPSC Prelims Exam By Abhishek

Article : What Not To Study For UPSC Prelims Exam By Abhishek

For every IAS/UPSC aspirant the most critical decision is to decide what to study , what to memorise and what can be simply left.

General Studies has no beginning and no end ,but it does have a core area which must be covered and a fringe area which can be covered depending on the time and inclination of the individual.

Core area in GS would include - Current Affairs, Polity, Modern Indian History (since 1857),Geography(essentially map based ,locations are frequently asked) General Mental Ability.These are essentially areas from where questions are most likely to feature in prelims and hence should be first priority.

Fringe areas that should be covered (but in comparatively less time) are General Knowledge, General science(especially biology part), Ancient and medieval history(selective), Economics(very rarely questions are asked,focus on current issues) etc.These areas will figure in exam but the number of questions that would be asked are highly variable.So aspirants should be careful as to how much time they allot to fringe areas and it should be in no case more than the time alloted for core areas. Read More..

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