(Paper) Bihar Public Service Commission (PT) 2008 Solved Paper

PAPER : Bihar Public Service Commission (PT) 2008 Solved Paper

1. What is sequence number of Ms. Pratibha Patil as President of the Republic of India ?
(A) 10th
(B) 11th
(C) 12th
(D) 13th
Ans (C)

2. A bill presented in Parliamnet becomes an Act after-
(A) It is passed by both the house
(B) The President ahs given his Assent
(C) The Prime Minister has signed it.
(D) The supreme court has declared it to be within the competence of the Union.
Ans (B)

3. According to our constitution , the Rajya Sabha-
(A) is dissolved once in two years
(B) is dissolved every five years
(C) is dissolved every six years
(D) is not subject of dissolution

4. A high court Judge Address his letter of resignation to-
(A) The President
(B) The Chief Justice of India
(C) The Chief Justice of his High Court
(D) The Governor of the Stae

5. As a non member who can participate in the proceedings of either house of parliament
(A) Vice President
(B) Chief Justice
(C) Attorney General
(D) Chief Election commissioner

6. Fundamnetal duties were incorporated in the constitution of India by the -
(A) 32nd Amendment Act
(B) 42nd Amendment Act
(C) 15th Amendment Act
(D) 46th Amendment Act

7. How many languages are recognised as regional languages in the constitution?
(A) 12
(B) 13
(C) 14
(D) 22

8. Consider the following words -
(1) Socialist
(2) Democratic
(3) Sovereign
(4) Secular
(A) 3,1,4 and 2
(B) 3,4,1 and 2
(C) 3,4,2 and 1
(D) 4,1,3 and 2

9. In which house is the presiding officer not a member of that house ?
(A) Lok Sabha
(B) Rajya Sabha
(C) Vidhan Sabha
(D) Vidhan Parishad

10. By which constitutional amendment bill was the voting age reduced from 21 years to 18 years ?
(A) 48th
(B) 57th
(C) 61st
(D) 63rd

11. If the position of President and Vice President are vacant , who officiates as the president of India ?
(A) The Prime Minister
(B) The Chief Justice of India
(C) The Speaker of Lok Sabha
(D) None of these

12. A panchayat samiti at the Block level is
(A) An Advisory body
(B) An administrative authority
(C) A consultant committee
(D) A supervisory authority

13. According to the World Bank's development report, the the position of the Indian economy in the world is the
(A) Largest
(B) Smallest
(C) Second Smallest
(D) Fifth Largest

14. If the cash reserve ratio is lowered by the RBI , it's impact on credit creation will be-
(A) Increase it
(B) Decrease it
(C) No impact
(D) None of the other

15. Indian Development Forum (IDF) was earlier known as :
(A) Aid India Consortium
(B) Aid India Bank
(C) World Bank
(D) None of the above

16. It will be true to classify India as
(A) A food deficit economy
(B) A labour surplus economy
(C) A trade surplus economy
(D) A capital surplus economy

17. MODVAT is related to -
(A) Sales tax
(B) Wealth tax
(C) Income tax
(D) Excise Duty

18. The eleventh plan objective is -
(A) Removal of poverty
(B) Inclusive growth
(C) Growth with social- justice
(D) Development of minorities

19. Rainbow revolution is related with-
(A) Green revolution
(B) White revolution
(C) bLue revolution
(D) All of the above

20. The one rupee note bears the signature of the
(A) Secretary , minister of finance
(B) Governor RBI
(C) Finance minister
(D) None of these

21. The period of plan-holiday in India was
(A) 1962-65
(B) 1966-69
(C) 1969-72
(D) 1972-75

22. The Rolling Plan concept in national planning was introduced by-
(A) Indira Gandhi
(B) The national front Government
(C) The Janata Governement
(D) Rajiv Gandhi

23. Second green revolution will be related with-
(A) hyvs
(B) Wheat
(C) Rice
(D) Bio-Technology

24. Fiscal deficit is -
(A) Total expenditure - Revenue receipts
(B) Revenue expenditure - Revenue receipts
(C) Capital Expenditure - Capital receipts - Borrowings
(D) Sum of Budget deficit and Govt's market borrowings and liabilities.

25. The infant moratality rate of Bihar State is-
(A) More than Jharkhand
(B) Equal to Jharkhand
(C) Less than Jharkhand
(D) Equal to all India