(Books) Important Book List For IES (Indian Economics Service)

Books : Important Book List For IES (Indian Economics Service) 

Books For General Economics - I

  • Micro-Economics: Ahuja
  • Micro-Economics: Koutsoyiannis
  • Macro-Economics: Shapiro
  • Macro-Economics:Ahuja
  • Macro-Economics:Dornbusch and Fischer
  • Mathematical Methods: class 11th and 12th NCERT Maths book is sufficient.
  • National Income Accounting: Class 12th book of NCERT

Books For General Economics - II

  • Monetary Economics : SB Gupta (For both) M L Jhingan and RBI Report.
  • International Economics: Soderston and  Mannur.
  • Growth and Development: M L Jhingan, Meir and Baldwin.
  • Statistics: Class 11th and 12th NCERT books along with some chapters of any graduation level statistics book and Econometrics book.
  • Latest Books by Amartya Sen.

Books For General Economics - I

  • Public Finance: Bhatia.
  • Indian Economy: Planning chapter of Uma Kapila.
  • Environmental Economics: Any good books-only topic wise coverage.
  • The Economic Times Newspaper
  • Yojana Magazine

Indian Economics

  • Indian Economy by Dutt and Sundaram.
  • Indian Economy: Mishra & Puri
  • Indian Economy: A N Agrawala
  • Indian Economy: Uma Kapila 
  • Indian Economy: Economic Survey –Last two years
  • Indian Economy: Budget-3 years, Very important 
  • Indian Economy: latest two Monetary & Credit Policy (mid term and annual). Latest data about CRR, SLR and Repos rate should be known., 
  • Different reports like Human Development Report, World Development Reports, papers by United Nations Environment Programme.
  • Economy newspaper: The Economic Times