(Paper) CSE : General Studies CSE Preliminary Examination (1998)

CSE : General Studies CSE Preliminary Examination (1998)

General Studies - 1998 (Prelims)

Time Allowed : Two Hours Maximum Marks : 150

26. Which one of the following sets of states stands to benefit the most from the Konkan Railway?
(a) Goa, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Kerala
(b) Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Kerala
(c) Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Goa, Maharashtra
(d) Gujarat, Maharashtra, Goa, Tamil Nadu

27. The supply-side economics lays greater emphasis on the point of view of
(a) producer (b) global economy (c) consumer (d) middle-man

28. Which one of the following languages belongs to the Austric group ?
(a) Maratlti (b) Ladakhi (c) Khasi (d) Tamil

29. Which one of the following metals does not form amalgams?
(a) Zinc (b) Copper (c) Magnesium (d) Iron

30. Indonesian forest fire in 1997 was caused by
(a) greenhouse effect (b) depletion of ozone laver
(c) EL Nino effect (d) None of the above

31. LMNOP, is semicircle with center at R and diameter LP, LSRand RQP are also semicircles with centers at T and U and diameters LR= RP =1 /2 LP. The ratio of perimeters of LMNOP and LSRQP us
(a) 0.75: 1
(b) 1:1
(c) 1 : 0.75
(d) 1.25: 1

32. Match the following research institutes A, B, C and D with their respective location labelled as 1 to 6 in the given rough outline map :


Select the correct answer using the codes given below
A. Central Drug Research Institute
B. National Atlas and Thematic Mapping Organisation
C. National Institute of Ocean Technology
D. Temperate Forest Research Centre
(a) 4 3 2 6
(b) 4 5 1 6
(c) 2 3 4 5
(d) 1 6 2 3

33. Bharat Ratna was awarded in 1997 to
(a) Dr. Homi Bhabha (Posthumous)
(b) Former President R. Venkataraman
(c) Satyajit Ray (Posthumous)
(d) Dr. Abdul Kalam

34. Which of the following statements are true about the Indian born woman astronaut Kalpana Chawla ?
1. She was born in Karnal.
2. She flew on board the shuttle flight STS - 87.
3. She was trained at the Kennedy Space Centre.
4. She did a space-walk to retrieve the Spartan Satellite.
Select the correct answer using the codes given below
(a) 1 and 2
(b) 2 and 3
(c) 1, 2 and 3
(d) 1, 2 and 4

35. A man purchases two clocks A and B at a total cost of Rs. 650. He sells A with 20% profit and B at a loss of 25% and gets the same selling price for both the clocks. What are the purchasing price of A and B respectively
(a) Rs. 225 ; Rs. 425
(b) Rs. 250 ; Rs. 400
(c) Rs. 275 ; Rs. 375
(d) Rs. 300 ; Rs. 350

36. A fuse is used in main electric supply as a safety device. Which one of the following statements about the fuse is correct ?
(a) It is connected in parallel with the main switch
(b) It is made mainly from silver alloys
(c) It must have a low melting point
(d) It must have a very high resistance

Directions : - The following fourteen items consist of two statements, one labelled as 'Assertion A and the other labelled as 'Reason R'. You are to examine these two statements carefully and decide if the Assertion A and the Reason R are individually true and if so, whether the Reason is a correct explanation of the Assertion. Select the your answers to these items using the codes given below and mark your answer sheet accordingly.

(a) Both A and Rare true and R is the correct explanation of A
(b) Both A and R are true but R is NOT the correct explanation of A
(c) A is true but R is false
(d) A is false but R is true

37. Assertion A : The Gandhara School of Art bears the mark of Hellenistic influence.
Reason R : Hinayana form was influenced by that art.

38. Assertion A : Formic acid is a stronger acid than acetic acid.
Reason R : Formic acid is an organic acid.

39. Assertion A : At first the Turkish administration in India was essentially military.
Reason R : The country was parcelled outas'Iqtas' among leading military leaders.

40. Assertion A : According to Asoka's edicts social harmony among the people was more
important than religious devotion.
Reason R : He spread ideas of equity instead of promotion of religion.

41. Assertion A : The temperature of a metal wire rises when an electric current is passed
through it.
Reason R : Collision of metal atoms with each other releases heat energy.

42. Assertion A : The Khilafat movement did bring the urban Muslims into the fold of the.
National Movement.
Reason R : There was a predominant elements of anti-imperialism in both the National
and Khilafat Movement.

43. Assertion A : Phenyl is used as a household germicide. Phenyl is a phenol derivative and
phenol is an effective germicide.
Reason R : Phenyl is a phenol derivative and phenol is an effective germicide

44. Assertion A : Partition of Bengal in 1905 brought to an end the Moderates role in the Indian
freedom movement.
Reason R : The Surat session of Indian National Congress separated the Extremists from
the Moderates.

45. Assertion A : The first ever Bill to make primary education compulsory in India was rejected in 1911
Reason R : Discontent would have increased every cultivator could read

46. Assertion A : Sodium metal is stored under kerosene
Reason R: Metallic sodium melts when exposed to air

47. Assertion A : The cngress rejected the cripps proposals
Reason R : The cripps Mission consisted solely of whites

48. Assertion A : The United States of America has threatened to ask the World Trade Organisation (WTO) to apply sanctions against the developing countries for the non-obsergance of I.L.O. conventions
Reason R : The United States of America itself has adopted and implemented those I.L.O.

49. Assertion A : During the reign of Shahjahan, Dara Sikoh was sent on expedition to Balkha,
Badakhshan and Qandahar.
Reason R : The expedition sent by Shahjahan to the Middle-East was a marvellous success

50. Assertion A : Gandhi stopped the Non-Co-operation Movement in 1922.
Reason R : Violence at Chauri Chaura led him to stop the movement.

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